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Private Label Cosmetics PowerPoint Presentation
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Private Label Cosmetics

Private Label Cosmetics

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Private Label Cosmetics

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  1. Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer

  2. About Sadatan Ayurveda Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organic Private Label cosmetics manufacturer from Nagpur, India. We export to over 12 countries globally, our major markets are France, Italy, Russia, the US and Switzerland. In 2006 we have also launched our Spa range of cosmetics under the high-end brand name “Iraya” for the domestic & other near-shore regional markets. Today our Brand Iraya is present at over 45 leading Spas in India and SE Asia.

  3. Product Line – Sadatan Ayurveda • Bath & Shower Gels • Contemporary Ayurveda • Fresh Cosmetics • Intelligent natural cosmetics • Natural bath & shower • Spa • Herb based cosmetics • Traditional Ayurveda

  4. History – Sadatan Ayurveda Our founding company (Puma Ayurvedic Herbals Pvt. Ltd.) was established in 1980 as an R&D laboratory to study the principles of Ayurveda with a scientific, modern approach. Since then we have developed over 400 beauty and health formulations for customers in India and Abroad. One of the brands developed by us – Puma comprising 45 products for skin & hair care has been bought by a leading Indian company ‘Baidyanath’ and they are marketing these products across India and the Middle East with great success. However, the bulk of our business comes from manufacturing for well established brands in Europe. Currently, we manufacture private label products for brands in the beauty, health and wellness industry in Russia, France, Italy, The US and Switzerland.

  5. Setup – Sadatan Ayurveda Our Philosophy Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world. Originating in India, its references are found in the Vedas, the oldest known written records of human civilization. Although not much survives in its original form, its traditions and healing systems and finding new meaning today and gradually being revived. Its effects can be seen in many new-age concepts and theories like aromatherapy, homeopathy and naturopathy.

  6. Setup – SadatanAyurveda…. Procurement At our Herbal Farm a wide range of herbs are cultivated through organic methods. We also procure our natural ingredients through community-based harvesting projects and from the wild, using sustainable wild-harvesting methods. We have ‘buy-back’ agreements with several organic farmers in Central India. The ingredients are brought to our modern, FDA approved plant for testing and processing. Each ingredient is tested for pre-specified essential qualities before entering the production process. All herbs are tested by Ayurveda Doctors for the 5 essential qualities (PanchendriyaParikshan) and by Chemists at our QC Lab.

  7. R&D – Sadatan Ayurveda Research & Development is a continuous process at Sadātan. Our team is forever trying to develop new formulations and willing to accept challenging assignments from customers across the world who wants private label cosmetic products developed for their markets.

  8. Quality Assurance – Sadatan Ayurveda Utmost care is taken to ensure that the highest standards of quality and hygiene are maintained. At every stage, the product batch is tested at our in-house laboratory for a variety of parameters. We have an in-house laboratory for testing every batch for pH testing, Stability Testing, Microbial testing etc. We also have tie-ups with other laboratories to test for HPLC-UV, Gas Liquid Chromatography etc.

  9. Contact – Sadatan Ayurveda Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd.7, BadriMahal, King’s Way,Nagpur. 440 001. I N D I A. eMail - Phone - +91-712-660 5205 / 06 / 08