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MBA Leader Training MBA Student Activities

MBA Leader Training MBA Student Activities. Agenda. Welcome from Dean Mittman Staff Introductions & Roles Stern’s Image and Reputation Event Planning Basics Strategize Create Plan Prior to Event Day of Event Post-Event Key Stern Departments Resources for Club. MBA Student Activities.

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MBA Leader Training MBA Student Activities

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  1. MBA Leader TrainingMBA Student Activities

  2. Agenda • Welcome from Dean Mittman • Staff Introductions & Roles • Stern’s Image and Reputation • Event Planning Basics • Strategize • Create Plan • Prior to Event • Day of Event • Post-Event • Key Stern Departments • Resources for Club

  3. MBA Student Activities Michael Sgro Associate Director • Conferences • Corporate sponsorship • High profile speakers • SCorp/PTLF Advisor Jeremy Carrine Assistant Director • Club Treks • Office Operations • Insurance & Contracts • Club President Advisor Andy Bellatti Office Manager • Room reservations • Catering • Table & Easel requests • General Leader Advisor

  4. Stern’s Reputation Strengthen Stern’s Image • Stern’s reputation is critical to protect and enhance • An asset to everyone • All Stern departments have ongoing relationships they value and care about preserving • You are ambassadors • You are always representing Stern • Both a privilege and a responsibility

  5. Event Planning Timeline Prior to Event Day of Event Strategize Create the Plan Post-Event

  6. Strategize Think First – Plan Second What is the intent and content of the event? • Does it fit your club’s goals & members’ needs? • How many people will likely attend this event? • Be very realistic – many clubs over-estimate • Review prior years’ data and other similar events • Does your club executive team support it? • Does it fit with Stern’s calendar of events?

  7. Partnering on Events Who Can Partner With You? • Other Stern clubs • Other business schools’ clubs • Other Stern departments (non-financial) • Value in partnerships • Expand potential audience • Bigger audience is a stronger draw for higher profile speakers • Share costs and gain economies of scale • More club activity, but same number of days on the calendar

  8. Seek Advice Gather Ideas From Experts • Work with your club officers • What are your club’s Best Practices? • Review club event Meet with MBA Student Activities • Review Stern’s procedures and policies (on web site) • Guide you to relevant Stern resources • Meet with other key Stern departments and faculty

  9. Conferences Club Treks Speakers Panels Lunches Networking Company Visits Interview Training Professional Conferences Resume Books Cultural Trips Community Service Consulting Services Competitions Tournaments Games & Practices Lessons Parties Receptions/Happy Hours Movies Retreats Sample of Events

  10. Starting to Plan First Issues to Consider • Give yourself enough planning time • Dates and venues are tight – secure them early • More complicated events require more planning time • Expect it will take longer to plan than you think • Work with your Club’s leadership for advice • Develop a project plan • Detailed “To Do” list with deadlines • Follow all Stern policies and procedures

  11. Know Your Budget Live Within Your Club’s Means • Be realistic about event costs and likely revenues • Review past years’ data • Ask other clubs and MBA Student Activities • Many club events cost nothing • Think creatively! • No year-end club deficits are permitted • Work with your club treasurer on: • Forecasting and tracking revenues and expenses • Payment, deposit, and ticket sales processes • Handling corporate sponsorship

  12. Corporate Sponsorship What’s In It For The Company? • Identify company motivators • Why would they want to give to your club? • Two paths to pursue: • Stern Development Office • Clubs contacts • Don’t count on corporate sponsorship – it isn’t a guarantee

  13. Types of Event Expenses Many Free Events – But Some Have Costs • Venue Rental • Free • Stern • NYU Kimmel -- as long as event is 50% NYU students • At Cost • NYU Kimmel media fees • NYU Skirball Theater & others – room & media fees • Non-NYU venues • Sports fields • Catering • Food and beverages • Events with alcohol at NYU, also require: • Server hired by the school • External Events require additional costs

  14. Types of Event Expenses • Publications • Fees – competitions, tournaments, conferences • Travel • Equipment • Advertising • Supplies • Gifts • Promotional Items

  15. Key Stern Policies • Contracts • Vendor or venue may require. NYU must approve 3 weeks in advance of event date • Insurance • Venue or activity may require. NYU must approve 3 weeks in advance of event date • Release Forms • Required for all sports, physical activities, treks, some trips • Alcohol • Requires a contracted server by Stern • Beer and wine is standard (no liquor)

  16. Conflicts & Confirmations Confirm There are No Conflicts with Date or Venue • Don’t invite speakers until after room and date confirmation is received • Check online MBA Calendar for conflicts • Ensure your date & time do not conflict with: • Mandatory OCD events (see OCD syllabus for specifics) • Dean’s Office events (i.e., MBA1 Block Lunches) • Academic Conflicts (i.e., Finals) • Holidays • Popular profs/courses – exams, review sessions • Alumni events (only if you are including alumni) • Submit MBA Event Planning Form at least 3 weeks before event • Non-NYU venue requires more lead time • Plan for contracts, insurance, logistics

  17. Securing Speakers Power of Good Speakers • Proactively network to secure good speakers • OCD, Development, Alumni Affairs, faculty, administrators, students, alumni, former business associates, friends, family • Have an event theme and select relevant speakers • Use template invitation letters (online) • Occasionally Stern administration will approach clubs with a speaker idea

  18. Designing a Good Panel • Establish a concrete theme • Collaborate with moderator and/or faculty on good questions that fit panel’s theme • Utilize faculty members or deans as moderators • They provide professionalism & expertise • Invite equitable speakers • Similar job titles or years of work experience • Send questions to panelists 2 weeks in advance • Call panelists to discuss their answers and share this information with moderator

  19. Advertising & Publications • Start advertising early • Develop an advertising plan • Write clever, short, visual emails and ads • Your email “Subject” line is critical to grab interest • Leverage the Stern brand • Stern’s brand gives your event more recognition – should be the overarching brand of your event • Use Stern name & logo correctly – must be approved

  20. Advertising Vehicles Follow Stern & SCorp Policies & Procedures • MBA Calendar • Emails directly from clubs to members • Emails from “MBA Announce” • Weekly Email from OCD • Word-of-Mouth/Grassroots • SternLinks (for events open to all MBA students) • Mailed Invitations • Bulletin Boards/TV Monitors • Opportunity • Alumni-Emails, Newsletters and Online Calendar • Databases/Mailing Lists

  21. Gifts & Promotional Items Remember to Give a Gift • Give gifts to speakers and guests • Not Stern administration’s responsibility • From club’s budget • Consider promotional items for attendees if budget permits • Two options: • Readily Available Items • NYU Bookstore has items with Stern logo • TA’s receive 20% discount • Customized Items • Order through Special Events (use online form) • Order from either promotions company or Tiffany’s • Need 2 months to special order

  22. Prior to Event • Start ticket sales • Open PayPal online registration system • Send “thank you for agreeing to participate” letter to all speakers • To gently remind them of their commitment • To identify student host and where/when to meet them • To notify panelists of questions and moderator name/title • Continue advertising • Are MBA’s aware of event? • If alumni are invited, have Alumni Office send email reminder

  23. One Week Before • Start ticket sales in lobby • Submit non-NYU guests’ names • To MBA Student Activities for Security Desk • Meet with Media Services to finalize set-up • Create all materials and signage • Finalize catering headcounts • Touch base with speakers • Submit Release Forms for participants • Applies to sport and travel events

  24. Arrive Early Give Yourself Extra Time Just in Case… • Arrive early to ensure everything is ready • Check room arrangements, media, catering, etc. • Applies to EVERY event type • Set-up registration table 1 hour before event • Ensure people at the table know all details • Organize items to distribute • Drape club or NYU Stern banner over registration and/or head table • Set-up easels with signs to direct attendees • Do not tape anything to walls

  25. Etiquette for Speakers Ensure Speaker satisfaction • Appoint club member to escort each speaker and important guest throughout day • Greet them in lobby • Get them to all rooms throughout day • Ensure they are kept engaged at luncheon & reception • Guide them out of the building • Ensure they have transportation to/from event

  26. Troubleshooting Expect the Unexpected • Don’t expect everything will run perfectly • Keep an eye open for problems • Expect to troubleshoot • Have extra hands available to help you out • …Enjoy your success!

  27. Thank You Letters Always Send Thank You Letters • Send to speakers and important guests • Utilize thank you letter template • Provide copies to MBA Student Activities • Provide copies for your Event Debrief

  28. Finances Close the Books • Should track finances all along • Ensure all expenses are paid • Deposit proceeds • Aspire for a profit or breakeven • If deficit, club must find funds to cover losses

  29. Leave Your Learnings Behind Keep Your Legacy Alive • You’re here a few years, but your club lasts forever • Transition your learnings • Document every event • Best Practice – Create a binder of all event write-ups • Keep contact lists • Anyone who’s been valuable & why • Provide alumni info to Alumni Affairs for DOTS • Provide Corporate contact info to OCD • Required reports • Event debriefs

  30. Key Stern Departments • Stern departments are club partners, facilitators, and coaches • MBA Student Activities is the 1st stop for club leaders and will be your liaison to other Stern departments

  31. OCD & CCWP • Clubs with career element are assigned OCD liaison • Set up a meeting with your OCD advisor • Provides advice and coaching • Brainstorms on concepts for career events • Leverages their relationships to generate speakers • Coordinates your events with OCD events to maximize impact • Assists with career-related training events • Co-sponsors events

  32. Alumni Affairs • Consults on alumni speakers • Leverages their relationships to generate speakers and corporate visits • Advertise and market student club events to alumni • May partner on networking and content-driven events • Advanced planning and a budget is required • Need to align with Alumni Affairs’ strategy • Do not assume funding • Requests that clubs input alumni info into mini-DOTS

  33. Special Events To maximize the return on your event, it is important that every event: • Projects excellence • Communicates your club’s, Stern’s, NYU's image • Measures success by meeting your club's goals and your participant's objectives The Office of Special Events can help by offering: • Event Planning Consultation-Can provide you historical information and professional expertise • Catering • Building Logistics • Merchandising

  34. Everything You Need to Know All the detailed info you need All new officers must review Found on MBA Student Activities web page Includes: Policies & Procedures Working with Stern Departments Event, Conference & Trek Planning Guides Forms & Templates Online “Leaders’ Guide”

  35. Key Take Aways • Plan early • Enhance Stern’s reputation • Select manageable, relevant events • Follow all steps of planning process • Utilize MBA Student Activities as a resource • Reference the Online “Leaders’ Guide” • Document well • Have fun!

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