the genre of luxurious mattresses in india n.
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The Genre Of Luxurious Mattresses In India PowerPoint Presentation
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The Genre Of Luxurious Mattresses In India

The Genre Of Luxurious Mattresses In India

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The Genre Of Luxurious Mattresses In India

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  1. The Genre Of Luxurious Mattresses In India

  2. When it comes to one's comfort, who likes to compromise? Surely, none of us would like to do so. After working so hard during the day, all you want is appetizing food and a good night's sleep. A peaceful sleep can be achieved only if you have a superior mattress that almost swallows you up.


  4. In simple terms, a mattress is a large rectangular pad that is soft, and comfortable designed to be used as a bed or as a frame or part of the bed. A mattress is more than this. It is purely based on the design and type of material used.


  6. With the latest advancement in technology, there are many different styles of mattresses that serve different sleeping styles and bed designs. Let's discuss the prominent mattress types in India:

  7. Pocket spring mattress These mattresses are used for body support and breathability. These are fitted with a gel-infused foam that provides relief from pressure ensuring a good night's sleep.

  8. Bonnell spring mattress These mattresses are also known as an open coil spring mattress. The springs used are hour-glassed shaped metal springs which are tightly interconnected using a metal wire. Bonnell mattresses are one of the most relaxing high-quality mattresses.

  9. Coir mattress This category of mattress is comparatively harder than the other types. As these are hard, these create pressure points in the body leading to a backache. These also degrade after some time.

  10. Foam mattress These are the most popular categories of mattresses as they offer several benefits, and are reasonable. These are long-lasting, responsive to heat, and pressure.


  12. Firmness Mattresses are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 according to their firmness, with 1 being extremely soft, 2-3 soft, 4-6 being medium, 7-9 being firm, and 10 being extremely firm. Most people prefer a soft to a firm mattress.

  13. Texture Although mattresses are covered with bedsheets still the patterns on the mattress can irritate. A plain textured mattress would be a good choice.

  14. Size The size of the mattress will play a significant role in providing comfort while lying on the bed. A small or oversized mattress will not be an ideal option. Choose a mattress that perfectly matches the size of your bed.

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