a letter to kim s penfriend n.
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A letter to Kim´s penfriend PowerPoint Presentation
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A letter to Kim´s penfriend

A letter to Kim´s penfriend

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A letter to Kim´s penfriend

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  1. A letter to Kim´s penfriend Dear Jenny, Hi! My name´s Kim. I live in California in the USA. I´m twelve. I live with my brother and sister. My sister´s name is Shelley. She´s eleven. My brother´s name is Robert and he´s thirteen. Do you like music? My favourite singers are Prince and Madonna. My favourite animals are dogs. Have you got any pets? I´ve got a cat because my mom doesn´t like dogs. Write soon, Kim

  2. Right or wrong? Kim lives in London. She is twelve. She has got a sister. She hasn´t got a brother. Her favourite singers are Prince and Madonna. Her favourite animals are cats. Her mom likes dogs.

  3. A letter to Muridi´s penfriend Dear Tom, Hello. My name´s Muridi. I´m ten years old. I live in a village in Kenya, in Africa. Kenya is a beautiful country. There are lots of animals – lions, elephants, crocodiles, giraffes and many others. My village is small but I like it. I live with my mother and father and my four sisters. I haven´t got any brothers. My favourite sport is football. Do you like football? My favourite football team is Cameron. Write to me, Muridi.

  4. Answer the questions How old is Muridi? Where does he live? Is Kenya a beautiful country? Which animals are there is Africa? Is his village small or big? How many sisters has he got? Has he got any brothers? What is his favourite sport? What is his favourite football team?

  5. Write the words in the letter favourite name years live like dear old ______ Lucy, Hello. My _____´s Kevin. I _____ in the USA.I´m ten _____ old. How _____ are you? I _____ football. My _____ food is pizza and salad. Write soon, Kevin.

  6. Find the answers to these questions. What´s your name? I´m 12. How old are you? Yes, I have. Have you got any brothers or sisters?Rihana. Have you got a pet? London. What is your favourite sport? Peter. Who is your favourite singer? Yes, I have 1 brother Where are you from? Tennis. Where do you live? England.