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Week 4 Deliverable 09/16/09. Patent Search. Patent 1. Active Cooling Device for Cradle of Portable Electronic Devices US Patent # 5,704,212 Date : January 6 th , 1988. Vertical View of Surface Conformable Cooling Assembly.

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Patent Search

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  1. Week 4 Deliverable 09/16/09 Patent Search

  2. Patent 1 Active Cooling Device for Cradle of Portable Electronic Devices US Patent # 5,704,212 Date : January 6th, 1988 Vertical View of Surface Conformable Cooling Assembly A cradle assembly with a removable mounting surface is configured to receive a portable electronic device. The cradle assembly has a cooler supported by the base to facilitate the use of the portable electronic device in warm or harsh thermal environments. The cooler is placed in a thermally conductive manner on the device, which is received by the mounting surface. Enlarged Exploded View of Cradle and Cooling System

  3. Patent 2 Integrated Circuit Cooling Apparatus US Patent # 5,457,342 Date : October 10th, 1995 An integrated circuit cooling apparatus consisting of a heat conductive base plate (to be placed against the circuit), a Peltier cooler having a cooling side connected to the top surface of heat conducting base plate, and a heat radiator and assembly connected to the heating side of the Peltier module. The Peltier effect module cools the integrated circuit whereas the radiator and fan assembly cools the Peltier cooler. All assemblies contain connection apertures and threaded connectors. Exploded Vertical View

  4. Patent 3 Corrosion Resistant Flexible Reflective Film for Solar Energy Applications US Patent # 5,118,540 Date : June 2nd, 1992 Highly weather and corrosion resistant flexible reflective film for solar energy applications and lighting reflectors, is formed by vapor-depositing silver onto a flexible support. In this case, it is a biaxially oriented polyester film with a bonded protective fluorocarbon film on top of the polyester film. Fluorocarbon is highly optically transmissive to IR, UV and visible light rays, impervious to moisture, scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean. Enlarged Cross-sectional View of Flexible Reflective Film

  5. Patent 4 Radiation Controlling Reversible Window US Patent # 5,180,954 Date : January 1st , 1980 A transparent glass substrate having one surface coated with a radiation absorptive film that is over-coated with a radiation reflective film. The coating technique is such that it renders the reflective film to be absorptive where the surface touches the radiation absorptive film. Illustration of window assembly Edge view of the glass substrate and two thin film layers

  6. Patent 5 Water/Air Dual Cooling System for a CPU US Patent # 6,343,478 B1 Date : February 2nd, 2002 A water/air dual cooling method for a CPU cooling arrangement includes a metal water accumulator attached to the CPU, a heat exchanger, a pump adapted to pump water through the water accumulator and the heat exchanger (for continuous circulation of water ), a heat sink attached to the metal water accumulator, and a fan mounted on the heat sink to adapted to cause current of air over the heat sink. Illustration of dual cooled system

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