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Activities & Plans 2007

Activities & Plans 2007. Dijana Klaric Met service of Croatia RC LACE Project Leader. RC LACE report. Environment & R&D highlights Operations and Common actions From Evaluation 2 Future. LACE vs ALADIN. Regional Cooperation environment. Members: Au-Cr-Cz-Hu- Ro -Si-Sk

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Activities & Plans 2007

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  1. Activities & Plans 2007 Dijana Klaric Met service of Croatia RC LACE Project Leader 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  2. RC LACE report • Environment & • R&D highlights • Operations and Common actions • From Evaluation 2 Future LACE vs ALADIN 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  3. Regional Cooperationenvironment Members: Au-Cr-Cz-Hu-Ro-Si-Sk • Co-operation: • R&D on meso-scale NWP • Operations • Common actions • RC LACE MoU • RC LACE Budget • 7 NWP teams • LACE MG Project Leader, 4 Working Group Leaders, ALADIN SC, Data Manager • ALADIN partners • HIRLAM • SRNWP 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  4. 2006/2007ALADIN-LACE-HIRLAM actions • ALARO training at Radostovice, March 2007 14 participants -all LACE Members (+ MF, Be, PT, Mc + Denmark) • ALADIN-HIRLAM LAM-EPS WS(November 2006, Vienna) • GLAMEPS Project at ECMWF • SRNWP WS on Numerical tech.( December 2006, Zagreb) • ALADIN-HIRLAM coordination on SURFACE and DA issues (SURFEX WS, SRNWP WS on DA) • ALADIN-HIRLAM general WSat Oslo April 2007 • Surface Assimilation (CANARI) WSat Budapest, Nov 2007 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  5. R&D overview LACE Scientific Plans 2006; 2007 • main input for ALADIN Scientific plans • IFS environment: Arpege(Global) -Aladin(Alaro10km) -Arome (2.5km) • 4 R&D working groups: Dynamics , Physics , Data Assimilation, Predictability • 40 scientists: 7 NWP teams + visitors • 25-30person x month funds /year 2007 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  6. Physics (10km->5km) ALARO • ALARO-0, step 1 (system) • Equations and interface (loss of mass due to precipitation is considered ); • Prognostic cloud water (microphysics 5 water species); • Radiation –NER formulation; • Turbulence (pseudo- prognostic TKE scheme); • Cloudiness issue (improved optical properties, new saturation cloud model) • ALARO-0, step 2 (multi-scale, “grey-zone”) • Sub-grib scale convection - 3MT 3MT - Microphysics and Transport for SGS convection +Multiscale +Modular =3MT 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  7. ALARO Diagnostics • Model consistency and performance (ALARO: more memory, less CPU – better optimized) • DDH tool for diagnostic (IFS basic, AAA developed) • Model comparison ALARO vs ALADIN Physics • ALARO –v0: operative at CZ, A, Be,..... (new ALADIN) 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  8. ALARO plans 2007-> • Governing equations: extension to compressible case (NH) • Pseudo-prognostic TKE-scheme: new mixing length formulation; an 'analytical' CBR interpretation within p-TKE • Radiation: modularization,better aerosol model • 3MT: validation and tuning, sensitivity to mid-troposphere humidity , test of convection diurnal cycle, triggering of convection (Team; JF Geleyn, JM Piriou, B Catry, L Gerard, R Brozkova, N Pristov, D Banciu ,M Tudor, F Vana, J Masek, J Cedilnik......) 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  9. LACE vs ALADIN ALARO-0 Project- Overview of R&D pxm • networking part only (fresh funds) • without home R&D , phasing and coordination efforts 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  10. R&D status • Results • NH ALADIN Dynamics • 3D VAR DA (10km) • Multi scale physics • Meso-scale EPS • Operations (06/07) • ALARO 10kn physics • LAEF • Desires • NH ALADIN -VFE • Coupling • 4D-VAR, Surface • SURFEX • GLAMEPS (+) 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  11. GLAMEPS_v0- test phase ALADIN – 22 members • Downscaling of ECMWF EPS 22km/44km ALADIN • lat/lon post-proc. (INM sys) • Next step: ALADIN native singular vectors (tests) (OT =+12h, +24h) HIRLAM -66? members • ECMWF targeted singular vectors (TEPS) • OT - 24h -3 TEPS domains - 2 HIRLAM physics - (10 memx2 mod x3domains) 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  12. • ALADIN deterministic 7 ALADIN models + Global • Verification package • ALADIN Multi-grams ALADIN pEPS • LAEF products Downscaling of ECMWF EPS (16+cont, 18 km) • EPS grams • Probability charts • Stamps Planned: • Multi-physics • Blending 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  13. FDP MAP D-Phase MAP D-phase Demonstration Project (June-Nov 2007) • Probabilistic hydrological and meteorological simulations for heavy rains and flood events • Contribution of LACE via Austrian team • ALADIN/Austria for deterministic products (ALARO phy) (∆x= 9.6km, 45 levels, dyn. adaptation) • ALADIN LAEF probability products (24h precipitation) (∆x= 18km, 37 levels, 16 mem +contr. from ECMWF EPS) • Disseminated to MAP D-Phase center 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  14. RC LACE Monitoring of Observation Network Non-GTS SYNOP DA • ALADIN /HU 3D VAR DA • Impact Study • Data: SYNOP, TEMP, AIREP,AMV,Wind pr, AMSU AB • SYNOP Observation distribution • Neutral impact • CANARI OI for surface assim. • LACE Data manager 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  15. LACE Evaluation Project Evaluation after 10 year activities (1996-2006) • To give independent advices about future development • Recommendations • To overcome the duplication of the operational efforts • To suppress draining of resources on maintaining and downstream applications. • To provide small NWP centers with a complete NWP system. • Stronger governance: more working hours for LACE MG • TASK Sharing via Lead Centers: • Operations and research 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

  16. LACE Future 2008 -> Action Plan for implementation of (Working Group) • Political decision for the closer operative cooperation (toward the Projects with operative deliverables) • Leading centers => Responsible center • Bottom-up => Top-down planning • Projects (priority list, deliverables, Responsible center) • New Management Group: PM, 4AL, ASC, DA • LACE MoU III (2008-2012) • LACE 10-years strategy 29th EWGLAM, Dubrovnik

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