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What are the Top Startup Business Loans? PowerPoint Presentation
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What are the Top Startup Business Loans?

What are the Top Startup Business Loans?

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What are the Top Startup Business Loans?

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  1. TOP START- UP BUSINESS LOAN Email- Website- are-the-top-startup-business-loans/

  2. What are the Top Startup Business Loans? – Start-up culture is thriving in the country and in order to succeed in the business, business owners need external funds. At present, there are more than 39,000 startups in India. Due to the increasing demand for business loans, the Government of India has launched several loan schemes to help entrepreneurs and MSMEs run their business easily. – There are multiple popular loans for small business startups offered by the government. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for loans, here is a list of business loans -you can explore to finance your business

  3. Stand-Up India Scheme – The Stand-Up India Scheme offers Government loans between Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 1crore, which can be availed to the borrowers as and when needed. The loan amount is provided for at least one scheduled tribe or scheduled caste borrower to set up a Greenfield enterprise. It is also granted to at least one woman borrower to promote women entrepreneurship. The tenure for this scheme is 7 years

  4. Market Development Assistance Scheme for MSMEs – This scheme helps the micro, small, and medium enterprises to get the loan. The Market Development Assistance Scheme gained exposure by participating in International exhibitions and trade fairs. MSMEs or entrepreneurs can access funding through this scheme for participating in international trade fairs, marketing. It also helps them to display the potential and strengths of the units

  5. Sustainable Finance Scheme – Sustainable Finance Scheme is headed by SIDBI and aims at offering loans to growing enterprises for expansion, technology- up-gradation, modernization, and other projects. The government offers this scheme to support the entire value chain of cleaner production/energy efficiency as well as sustainable development projects. However, the borrower must have a stake of 51% in the company.

  6. Thanking You……… – Email- – Website- business-loans/