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The Mobile Web is Coming Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

The Mobile Web is Coming Are you ready to seize the opportunity? Ung-Ping Tian Web Technology Marketing Manager “Tipping point” for mobility 4+ billion mobile phones worldwide 80 percent of people on the planet are in-range of a cell network

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The Mobile Web is Coming Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

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  1. The Mobile Web is Coming Are you ready to seize the opportunity? Ung-Ping Tian Web Technology Marketing Manager

  2. “Tipping point” for mobility • 4+ billion mobile phones worldwide • 80 percent of people on the planet are in-range of a cell network • More people now have access to an Internet-ready mobile devicethan a PC

  3. "4 Billion Mobile Phones" - in Perspective 4 billion mobile handsets Credit Cards TVs Cars PCs Telephones 1 billion 0 Source: http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2007/01/putting_27_bill.html, http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2008/01/when-there-is-a.html

  4. If they are browsing, they are MOBILE browsing Total number of Mobile Internet users is ~ 546 million in 2008 (40% of total Internet users)* * Source IDC

  5. Mobile Internet Growth Overtakes PC-based Internet Growth 8 times greater Unique Audience % Growth 25% 3% * From Q2 to Q3 2008, the number of people in the UK using mobile Internet increased by 25% compared to 3% for PC-based Internet. (Source: Nielsen Online) PC-based Internet Mobile Internet 5

  6. Who is ?

  7. more than1 Billion are Nokia devices The world leader in mobility Out of4 Billion phones sold worldwide…

  8. 38.9%are Nokia smartphones The world leader in mobility Out of180 Millionsmartphones sold in 2008… PIM Messaging Imaging Email Location Media Player Browsing

  9. China Nokia N72 India Nokia N73 Europe N95 Russia Nokia 3250 Nokia devices, the mobile Internet leaders • Most widely used by Mobile Internet users worldwide • N95, N73, N72 and 3250 are top devices in Europe, India, China, and Russia, respectively * Nielsen Company report Critical Mass: The Worldwide State of the Mobile Web

  10. Nokia Browser usage continue to increase… Internet Browsing usage on the rise between 2005 – 2008. Nokia Smartphone 360 study: UK panels 2005-2008 (all together 1 189 device owners)

  11. Introduction to S60 Web Development • Nokia devices can run the following type of web applications • Web pages that are opened in the Nokia phone browser • Widgets, which are lightweight applications that use Web technology but are installed directly on the mobile device Optimised site for mobile Full web browsing Mobile widgets

  12. Different browsers and devices • From simple text based browser to advanced full web browser • Layout and sizes • Browser capabilities

  13. Detecting the client browser • Is it mobile or not • What kind of mobile

  14. Optimise to maximize • Create immediacy: key information users will be looking for is easily accessible • Design for small screen: use the right media, style sheets and site navigation • Consider resource constraints : take into account factors such as network bandwidth/latency, device processing capacity and battery life • More details at Web Developer library Figure: Example of a website that displays well on a mobile device

  15. A simple way to get started : Mobile Plug-in YOUR favorite Content Management System (Joomla, Drupal] MOBILE WEBSITE( a better service for all ) + MOBILE Plug-in

  16. Mobile plug-ins: in a nutshell • Minimal effort: 3 clicks install and publish! • Free to use: Distributed under Open Source license • One URL: Applies to both web and mobile access • Underlying technology invisible to the end user • Configuration tool enables optimisation for specific devices Normal Joomla page Joomla page with mobile plug-in

  17. What is Joomla, Drupal? • Popular open source content management system • Used by United Nations, Harvard University, New York State Senate, and more! Click here to download Drupal plug-in Click here to download Joomla plug-in

  18. How can Nokia help ? Collaborate with the community to enhance mobile plug-in features and capabilities Increase consumer awareness and ease of use to boost demand for mobile web. Build outstanding mobile Web sites! Provide best practices and guidelines to design a unique mobile user experience Offer distribution opportunities and visibility for excellent mobile web sites

  19. List of mobile web sites • Ovi: http://ovi.com • CNN Mobile: http://www.cnnmobile.com • Financial Times Mobile: http://m.ft.com • YouTube: http://m.youtube.com • Yahoo Mobile: http://m.yahoo.com • Yelp: http://mobile.yelp.com • American Airlines: http://mobile.aa.com • and More…

  20. From Mobile Browsing to Mobile Widgets • Make your mobile web experience available to users with one click from the S60 UI with Web Runtime (WRT) widgets Mobile Widgets Mobile Browsing packaged and installed to deliver mobile web experiences just like native applications

  21. Why Web Runtime widgets? • The easiest way to bring web-based business to millions of Nokia mobile devices • Develop WRT widgets using standards-based web technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX) • Install and run on Nokia devices like any native application • Provide an optimised web experience accessible with a single click Application like delivery Visible in the UI Familiar HTML, Javascript, and CSS

  22. WRT enables rapid mobile app development • Anyone who can create web pages can be a mobile application developer using WRT technology • Developers can now add data-sharing functionality and service mash-ups to applications on the mobile device • Short learning curve for web developers to create mobile app using WRT technology =

  23. Messaging PIM Audio System Imaging Location Platform Services add context to Web content • Web Runtime widgets can access Platform Services (including Messaging, PIM, Audio and etc) through JavaScript extensions • Combine Web-based data with Platform Services to deliver personalised and relevant services • Use web-based contacts and events locally to create easy-to-access reminders • Use device location to provide location aware updates (e.g. auto weather updates based on your location) • Now available for S60 5th Edition (e.g. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic)

  24. Live Internet content on your device home screen • S60 Platformenables live Internet content on home screen, from S60 5th Edition Feature Pack 1 (e.g. N97) • e.g. obtain weather updates without accessing or refreshing the widget • Persistent application presence on the home screen increases visibility and use of the services • Exposes data-driven web content to consumers in an easy and intuitive way

  25. New plug-ins turn web designers into widget developers • WRT plug-in for Aptana Studio supports widget development in a widely used IDE for web technologies • Developers can create, develop, test, preview and deploy WRT widgets to millions of Nokia devices • Using a tool they already know • More plug-ins are coming to support the ecosystem being built around WRT

  26. Publish to Ovi to Reach Consumers http://publish.ovi.com/ • Global distribution • You pick which countries • Self-service publishing • 24/7 access at publish.ovi.com • Access to real-time reporting • Favorable revenue opportunities • Credit card (in all applicable markets) • Mobile billing in many countries • Content provide gets 70%* of customer price

  27. Calling All Innovators – Internet Innovation • Seeking quality Mobile web, WRT widgets for Nokia devices • provide immediate business opportunities with Nokia • placement of the winning widget in Nokia's Ovi Store • Paid travel to demo the winning entry at a Nokia-specified event. • Review by Nokia for possible preload on future Nokia devices • Cash prizes: • 1st prize: USD$30k • 2nd prize: USD$15k • 3rd prize: USD$10k http://www.callingallinnovators.com/internet_innovation.aspx

  28. Mobile Web is coming… Dive in! Ung-Ping Tian Email: ung-ping.tian@nokia.com

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