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  1. South Carolina Jeopardy 2004

  2. Enjoy South Carolina Jeopardy! • Choose players or groups - Individuals or Teams can play! • Plan a way for contestants to indicate they want to answer (tap desk, ring bell, clicker, etc.) • Player #1 or Team #1 chooses a category and question dollar amount first. • Teacher reads the “answer” completely, then contestants can respond. • After a response is given by a player, click anywhere on the slide to see the correct response. • Record the contestant’s score – You gain the dollar amount if correct; lose the dollar amount if incorrect. • Then, click “To Game Board” and continue the game until all categories are finished.

  3. Game Board $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 Final Jeopardy $500 $500 $500 $500 $500

  4. $100 This Revolutionary War patriot was also known as the Swamp Fox.

  5. $100 To Game Board Who is Francis Marion?

  6. $200 This original Native American tribe had villages in South Carolina. They were known to be great artists and to make beautiful pottery.

  7. $200 To Game Board Who are the Catawba?

  8. $300 This famous author of the Amelia Bedelia series is from South Carolina.

  9. $300 To Game Board Who is Peggy Parrish?

  10. $400 He was the eighth President of the United States and the only US President born in South Carolina. He fought in the Revolutionary War.

  11. $400 To Game Board Who is Andrew Jackson?

  12. $500 He was known as “the Gamecock” and was a fierce, but careless fighter.

  13. $500 To Game Board Who is Thomas Sumter?

  14. $100 This ocean forms South Carolina’s eastern border.

  15. $100 To Game Board What is the Atlantic Ocean?

  16. $200 South Carolina is a beautiful, diverse state and is divided into these 3 distinct regions.

  17. $200 To Game Board What are the Low Country(Coast and Coastal Plain)MidLands, andUp country?(Piedmont and Mountains)

  18. $300 This river separates South Carolina from Georgia to the south.

  19. $300 To Game Board What is the Savannah River?

  20. $400 An area along the northern coastline of South Carolina that’s a popular vacation spot!

  21. $400 To Game Board What is the Grand Strand?

  22. $500 This rock in Sumter National Forest marks the spot where South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia meet.

  23. $500 To Game Board What is Ellicott’s Rock?There is a small rock embedded in the river bank bearing the letters N.C. carved by surveyor Andrew Ellicott. Ellicott thought this to be the intersection of Georgia, North, and South Carolina. Commissioner's Rock, 10 feet downstream, bears the symbols NC/SC 1813 and is the actual point that Ellicott was looking for.

  24. $100 This capitol city is where official state government business takes place in the state.

  25. $100 To Game Board What is Columbia?

  26. $200 He is the head of the executive branch of government in South Carolina.

  27. $200 To Game Board Who is the Governor?

  28. $300 When the United States was formed after the American Revolution, SC ranked this in becoming a state.

  29. $300 To Game Board What is 8th? South Carolina ratified the United States Constitution on May 23, 1788, becoming the eighth state to enter the union.

  30. $400 In 1833, the world’s first and longest steam operated railroad began in this South Carolina city.

  31. $400 To Game Board What is Charleston?

  32. $500 In 1861, this devastating dispute began with a Confederate attack on Fort Sumter.

  33. $500 To Game Board What was the Civil War?

  34. $100 It has almost all the nutrients that people need for growth and good health -- carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins, and vitamins. It does a body good!

  35. $100 To Game Board What is Milk?state beverage

  36. $200 New antlers of this animal have a furry cover called velvet which the animal soon rubs off. It is found throughout South Carolina forests.

  37. $200 To Game Board What is the while-tailed deer? Our State Animal

  38. $300 This hurricane swept through South Carolina in 1989, causing $5 billion in damage and taking 18 lives.

  39. $300 To Game Board What was Hurricane Hugo?

  40. $400 This dance is performed to music known as rhythm and blues. Both the music and the dance are structured on time signature and can be performed to almost any tempo, as long as the basic step is maintained and kept in time to the music.

  41. $400 To Game Board What is the shag? (state dance)

  42. $500 One was written in the early 1900’s by Henry Timrod,South Carolina’s most beloved poet, and set to music by Anne Curtis; the other was composed and recorded by Hank Martin and Buzz Arledge, Native South Carolinians, in the 1980’s.

  43. $500 To Game Board What are the 2 state songs, “Carolina” and “South Carolina On My Mind”?

  44. $100 These 2 symbols can be found on the South Carolina State Flag.

  45. $100 To Game Board What is a Palmetto Tree and a Crescent Moon?

  46. $200 This climbing plant grows upon trees and fences and bears a profusion of yellow, funnel-shaped flowers an inch in diameter. Its odor on a damp evening or morning fills the atmosphere with a rare and delicate sweetness.

  47. $200 To Game Board What is Yellow Jessamine?(our state flower)

  48. $300 An attractive feature of the coastal areas, its large leafbud is highly prized as a salad vegetable for use in making pickles or relishes.

  49. $300 To Game Board What is the Palmetto Tree?(our state tree) commonly known as the Cabbage Palmetto

  50. $400 This creature has a conspicuous white stripe over the eyes. The back of its body is red with under parts somewhat lighter in color. The tail, which is finely barred with black, is held erect when excited.