fly and put down your worries n.
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Fly And Put Down Your Worries PowerPoint Presentation
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Fly And Put Down Your Worries

Fly And Put Down Your Worries

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Fly And Put Down Your Worries

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  1. Fly And Put Down Your Worries

  2. Would you jump to overcome the fear of height? Does it click anything in your mind? Of course, it’s a Bungee Jump. • Try once, by taking the leap and build your wings on the way down and start flying on your way by forgetting your worries. • Are you excited to try? Yayy! Though it feels dangerous with butterflies flying in the stomach, this has to be tried once a lifetime. • Come let’s go round to know the places for Bungee Jump in India.

  3. Rishikesh • The highest Bungee Jumping spot in India is known to be Rishikesh, which is a small town in Dehradun where many people come to find their inner peace, but it also the place with the height of 83 meters that is perfect for Bungee Jumping. • It is one of the best which provides the marvelous facility in jumping the heights; and a lengthy cantilever is built over the bluff that gives the amazing heights to jump. • The price per jump is Rs.2500,you might think it’s too costly but trust me you will find worth your penny.

  4. Lonavala • A small hill station on the boundary of Pune with the admiring nature for Bungee Jump and which takes place in the adventurous park called Della Adventures. • Its all about a height of 150 feet and lasts for about 7-10 minutes. • The people who are above the age of 10 with the weight above 35 kgs are allowed to take up the jump. • Also,you are made to certify that you have overcome the fears successfully.

  5. Bangalore • The city where the adventurous sports are welcomed either be a trekking or scuba diving,but the most thrilling one that they really focus on is Bungee Jumping, this takes place in Kanteerava Stadium that is 80m tall and the price per person is Rs.400. • The person should not have the consumed alcohol before trying the Bungee Jump.

  6. It's easy to reach these destinations by booking your bus tickets online in in Hebron, Parveen, or Kallada Travels where you will be reaching safely with experiencing luxurious facilities.