good friday and easter n.
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Good Friday and Easter! PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Friday and Easter!

Good Friday and Easter!

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Good Friday and Easter!

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  1. Good Friday and Easter!

  2. As Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Jesus and his last hours in the mainland, devotees throng into churches on this sad day to offer their services to the Lord. • Though this day commemorates the final stay of him, Christians engage themselves in prayers all night long and abstain from any kind of meat as a part of offerings. • The celebration starts a week before Easter on Palm Sunday and is observed differently by different people. • Good Friday is also called as a Black Day and all the churches are kept dark and empty. • There is always a three-hour ritual which consists of reading verses from Gospel about the last seven words of Jesus and on its completion, a bitter drink made from leaves and vinegar is offered to the devotees.

  3. Whereas in some parts of India, people conduct open parades with a cross in their hands or open-air plays depicting the life of Jesus which on watching gives a spark to the eyes and for sure tears would roll down with a heart as heavy as a log. • While this day is a Somber day, it is not until the day when the Lord was resurrected and the celebrations start on Easter which would commence with great zenith. • Mostly, people from Mumbai, Goa, and North-Eastern states are greatly indulged in Easter celebrations and see to it that every ritual is met including gifting presents to their friends and family.

  4. Though Easter Eggs are not decorated in India but every one of them makes sure that they buy the decorated Easter Eggs from the store and gift it to their kids. • Beautiful and colorful carnivals are held in Goa which takes place with a huge vibrancy. • From street plays to Easter cakes to songs and dances, Easter is celebrated with great zeal and fervor.

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