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Learning How To Share

Learning How To Share

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Learning How To Share

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  1. Learning How To Share By Maureen Font Spring 2006

  2. Until I was seven years old, I was raised as an only child. I was short with brown, curly hair. My mother would dress me in bright, little dresses.  My parents loved me a lot and I was the center of their attention.” We love you Maureen. What would you like to do today?

  3. I was the focus of my parents’ attention. I was a good kid, but let’s admit it: I was a spoiled child. My parents did not give me every toy in the world, but they were very generous with their attention.

  4. In second grade, this all changed. My parents adopted a four-month old baby from South Korea. He was my brother Mark. What a fun new toy! I want to play with Mark! I want to give him a bottle and take care of him!” Mark shook things up. Mark changed everything. My parents spent a lot of time with him. I would have to play games and read books alone.

  5. …I’ll love you forever, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be. But then we took him home with us. He was given his own bedroom. My parents bought him an array of toys and clothes. He had many stuffed animals and blocks. He was cutting into my time with my parents. Sometimes my parents cared more about what Mark was doing more than what I was doing!

  6. They did not have as much time for me after Mark came. I wanted to play with my parents but they had to take care of Mark Send Mark back to South Korea! I want my parents back!

  7. Playing catch…

  8. Watching Barney…

  9. Little by little, I began to accept Mark. He grew and matured and sometimes he was even interesting.  My resentment towards him was gone and I grew to love him. Mark helped me realize the importance of sharing. I came to understand that I need not be in the family spotlight at all times. I began to feel pride in what Mark has done as well as my own accomplishments. I love my little brother. Finally I understood that Mark did not take any of my parents’ love away from me, instead he created his own place and more love within our family.  Good night moon…