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  1. Mauritius GROWTH OF TOURISM


  3. RESOURCES • Mauritius has many resources for tourists to use and visit whilst in Mauritius. Some of these resources are: • The Casela Bird Park • Pamplemousses Garden • Black River Gorge • National Park • La Vanille Crocodile Park • Domaine De Lagrave Park • Nature Reserve • Grand Bay Shopping and leisure paradise.

  4. FACILITIES • Below are some facilities that Mauritius has to offer: • A brilliant range of hotels with fantastic scenery. • A range of Restaurants and different cuisines including Chinese, Indian and Muslim food. • Beautifully clean beaches. • Facilities for young children such as small swimming pools etc. • High chairs and cots are also provided for young children as part of the facilities. • Medical facilities.

  5. WHY PEOPLE GO TO MAURITIUS • People go to Mauritius for the following reasons: • There is a constant climate and so hot weather is guaranteed all year round. This is why many Europeans visit in the winter months when hot weather is not guaranteed elsewhere. • People also go to Mauritius because there are many places to go and visit and also many thing to do. Some of these include the Grand Bay shopping and leisure paradise. • People also go for the variety of nightlife. • Restaurants and cuisine – Mauritian cooking is in a class of its own and is influenced by different cultures and cooking traditions. Selection of Chinese, Indian and Muslim dishes to try.


  7. WHY THEY COME FROM THESE PLACES There are most visitors to Mauritius from Europe because of the change in climate. Europe tends to have an average climate that doesn’t remain constant throughout the year. Mauritius has a constant climate which is hot with little rain. This results in Europeans tending to visit in the winter months because they are guaranteed to have decent weather. few people come from Africa and Asia because they have a very similar climate to Mauritius and they these places don’t have good transport links and also have very little money. Americans have a range of different climates within their country and so don’t need to go away from America to experience different climates.

  8. CLIMATE Mauritius has only two seasons with minimal differences between them, making Mauritius a perfect year round destination. Summer runs from November to April, with temperatures reaching as high as 93ºF (34ºC) on the coast. Humidity is highest from December to April but is never unbearable, particularly on the coast where there is a constant sea breeze. Cyclones, with strong winds and heavy rain, can occur between January and March. Mauritius will normally experience about three or four cyclones a year during this period, each usually lasting a couple of days. During winter the temperature drops a few degrees, however, there is still plenty of sunshine and it is a very pleasant time of year to visit. Sea temperatures vary between 75ºF (24ºC) in the winter and 82ºF (28ºC) in the summer.


  10. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF VISITING ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES • It is a gorgeous, quiet, unspoilt island with beautiful coral reef. • People visiting are guaranteed to get constant hot weather all year round. • Very little rainfall. • Child facilities are provided. • Easy to get to from the UK by aeroplane. • Rated highly by the people who have already been there. • It is very expensive to go to Mauritius. Cheaper to go to other holiday destinations. • Conflict between different religions and different beliefs. • Can be overcrowded in the winter with many people going on holiday trying to get the sun that Mauritius provides during the winter months.

  11. WHY MAURITIUS WANTS TOURISM Mauritius depends greatly on the money raised from tourism for the economy. The money is needed greatly because Mauritius is a 3rd world country which is developing and to do so money is needed. Tourism makes up 13% of Mauritius’ earnings per year. Due to Mauritius being a 3rd world country poverty still occurs there. By decreasing the levels of tourism the levels of poverty would also be increased. This is not good at all. Mauritius also wants tourism because the money from it will help to build new houses for people who do not yet have one. Also tourism is more helpful to Mauritius when it is sustained.