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How a Tree Service Company Can Offer Tree Identification to Save Properties and Lives

Tree identification is a kind of tree service that determines undesirable and dead trees liable to wreak havoc to your property and passersby.

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How a Tree Service Company Can Offer Tree Identification to Save Properties and Lives

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  1. July 26, 2017 How a Tree Service Company Can Offer Tree Identification to Save Properties and Lives Trees are truly remarkable and beneficial to people when they offer shade and provide clean air. You have to be aware, however, that some trees are undesirable due to the hazards they pose to life and property. At the same time, you should know the signs of a dead tree before its large branches fall off and injure someone. Learn more about tree identification, as administered by a tree service company, and the next essential step to take after identifying undesirable or dead trees on your property. Page | 1

  2. The Importance of Identifying Trees Not all trees are great to be around, which is why the agricultural and forestry department created the category of “undesirable trees.” They are called undesirable because of being prone to pests. In addition, their wood is weak enough to constantly break and produce large amounts of debris. Some are undesirable for their shallow roots that buckle pavement and turf. Sometimes, these trees host breeding grounds for invasive plants or insects. A tree service company can expertly identify these trees as well as invasive vines, such as wisteria, which must be removed because they thrive long enough to choke out local plants while occupying a significant area of the landscape. In other words, prompt and proper tree identification can help save property and lives. Besides knowing whether your property hosts undesirable trees, dying trees must also be identified and cut off immediately before big branches fall and hurt someone or damage property. A tree service company can assess your tree and determine if it can still recuperate, when diseased, or should quickly be removed. Some signs deserving of your attention include a cracked or broken lower trunk; a tree that leans toward the house, a power line, or roadway; large, broken limbs; and rotting or vertical seams in the trunk. A tree service company can still save your tree if it’s healthy enough. Otherwise, it can safely perform tree removal. The Next Step of Identifying Undesirable Trees and Plants Once undesirable or dead trees are identified, a tree service company will recommend removing it. To eliminate such trees is a must because of their inherent hazards. For instance, if your neighbor has complained of falling branches from your tree and you neglected to correct the problem, you can be held liable for damages to the former’s property as well as physical injuries. Just as tragic will be the emotional and financial pain you’ll have to endure should the dead tree harm you or your family. Undesirable and dead trees pose real harm to you as well as others. In order to avoid further problems, call a professional tree service company for faster tree identification and removal as needed. Page | 2

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