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Review of Spotlight on SQL Server - Dell SQL Server Processe PowerPoint Presentation
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Review of Spotlight on SQL Server - Dell SQL Server Processe

Review of Spotlight on SQL Server - Dell SQL Server Processe

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Review of Spotlight on SQL Server - Dell SQL Server Processe

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Spotlight on SQL Server – Granting Vacations to SQL DBAs EverywhereDave PinalSQL Server Professional Profuse SQL Writer SQL Server DBA Professionals

  2. This review is based on the SQL Server performance monitoring tool: Spotlight on SQL Server.

  3. No vacation for you A few days ago I was visiting a large Database Shop and I happened to meet quite a few DBAs there. After sharing a quick story of my vacation, I asked the DBAs around me about their own vacation. To my surprise many of the DBA's have not taken a holiday for quite a some time. Why? The answer was simple. Due to my job.

  4. Excuses… “Forget about days off, almost every other night I have to wake up to fix something on my server, I do not remember when I slept 6 hours without waking up to see the server.” “I do not want to leave, I do not know the guy who will manage the server behind me. He may not know where to look when things go wrong.” “I am new in the job and I have lots to learn. Honestly, when something goes wrong, I have no clue where to look so I take lots of time to figure things out.”

  5. This is not healthy What I realized is that DBAs do want to take a break from their work and enjoy time with their friends and family, however, they are not able to take breaks. This isnot a healthy environment. You need to have a transparent system where you know what is going on in your server with a single glance and ease of access to more information. Speaking of healthy…See if your database is healthy with our Free Healthcheck

  6. So I asked… So I asked: “Which one thing do you think if you had in your job, would enable you to take a much needed vacation without any stress or worry?” And they answered: “We need a single screen for all of our systems, that shows us exactly what is going on with our server every single time.” Sometimes there is no out of the box solution – we need to rely on third party solutions or experts who know exactly what they are doing…enter Spotlight on SQL Server.

  7. Spotlight on SQL Server Here is the home screen of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise: You can see in the above image there are many sections for various important monitoring areas of SQL Server.

  8. Sessions This section demonstrates the various details about your sessions like: • How many sessions are open? • How many different computers are connected? • How many active sessions there are? • What is the SQL Server response time? The one which attracted my attention was details about the response time.  This shows the full round-trip response time for of a query representative of general workload. Download the Free Trial now

  9. SQL Processes This section demonstrates how many total system and user processes there are. We can also see blocked processes here as well. The best part is that we can right click on any area of this home screen and see further details. I right-clicked on User Processes and selected Session Details. It immediately demonstrated the display of various user sessions and the script which was running in the session. Download the Free Trial now

  10. SQL Memory This section demonstrates vital information about memory, like: • How big is my buffer? • How much of my cache is being used? Procedure cache section – we don’t often track this when we are talking about SQL and Memory. Here is the image of my computer's Cache Size by Object Type which displays various object types and size taken from my memory cache. Download the Free Trial now

  11. Disk Storage This section displays IO activities, keeping in mind database workload. We can see details about various data files, file groups, database count and logfiles, but my favorite section is MAX IO/Wait which is at the bottom of the section. We can see various Wait types and upon clicking details we can see Diagnose I/O Pressure as well. There are animated movements of packets, batches, logical reads, checkpoints,etc. If we want to see any further details we can just right click and see more details about that particular object or activity. Here is the best part – anywhere we need focusor alerts, Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise will turn that section to red and will send email alerts. Download the Free Trial now

  12. Go on vacation Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise makes it even easier for DBAs to go on vacation… and still keep an eye on the Servers! By using Spotlight Mobile which, by the way is FREE, you can: • Monitor the health of you SQL Server environment via the Heatmap • View an alarms list • Get alarm details • Have the ability to snooze or acknowledge alarms • Anywhere, anytime, on any device!

  13. Downloadthe fully functional 30 day FREE version and take that much needed vacation!

  14. Learn MoreView Dave’s Original PostDownload FREE Tools