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Laser Hair Removal Easy And Safe PowerPoint Presentation
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Laser Hair Removal Easy And Safe

Laser Hair Removal Easy And Safe

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Laser Hair Removal Easy And Safe

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  1. Laser Hair Removal Easy and Safe Shaving can be a problem for many people because it needs to be repeated time after time. If you are tired of shaving your hair again and again then why not consider Laser hair removal and Dubai? It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure. Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal As the name suggest laser hair removal in Dubai uses monochromic light (laser) to remove the unwanted hairs. The laser light used in this procedure is intense. In this treatment intense laser light is focused on the target area due to this intensity of laser light the hair follicles are destroyed and further growth of hairs is halted. Laser hair removal is a long-lasting procedure but keep that in mind that this is not a permanent procedure but you won’t have to worry about removing hairs for a long time. During the procedure During the procedure Before the surgery is performed your hairs will be trimmed till they are only a few millimeters taller above your skin. The equipment used will be adjusted according to the location, thickness, and color of hairs. The color of your skin will also play a great role in the procedure, for instance, darker hair absorbs more laser light which makes the darker skin more suitable for this procedure. The technician performing the procedure will use eyeglasses to protect his/her eyes from high-intensity laser light. To keep your skin cool during the procedure cooling gel or special cooling device will be used. Doing this would help laser to penetrate deeper and you won’t even have to worry about the laser burning your skin. After the technician performing the procedure will give a pulse of the laser to the skin to make sure that the settings are ok and that your skin has no bad reaction to the laser being used. The time between two treatments will be four to six weeks and you can continue the treatments till the growth of your hairs stops in the affected area.

  2. Benefits of laser hair removal Benefits of laser hair removal Lasers are very effective when it comes to removing unwanted hairs from the body. Benefits of laser hair removal include: It is fast It is fast The device used in laser hair removal emits many rays in each second and treat more than one hair with each pulse. A small area can be treated in less than a minute such as upper lips while large area like the back of legs might take an hour. Good results Good results Most patients will have permanent hair loss after three to seven sessions of the procedure. Laser is precise Laser is precise It can effectively target the desired location while leaving the surrounding area unharmed. Cost of laser hair removal Cost of laser hair removal The average cost of a session varies for different people and depends on several factors such as: The number of sessions required. The country and part of the country where the procedure is taking place. The size of the area being treated as well as the total time required for treatment. It also depends on the person performing the procedure. Conclusion Conclusion The laser is one of the most efficient if not the most efficient technique to get a hairless body for a long time. Although the effects of the procedure are not permanent the effects of this procedure can last for a long time and it will take years for hairs to grow back in the area of removal. The procedure is safe and there is little to no risk involved in the procedure.