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Electrical Engineering Safety

Electrical Engineering Safety. Coal Legislation. John Francis Waudby Senior Inspector of Electrical Engineering Mine Safety Operations. Overview of this presentation. DPI - Supporting Information, registration & licensing Context and Scope of EEMP’s Content of EEMP’s

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Electrical Engineering Safety

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  1. Electrical Engineering Safety Coal Legislation John Francis Waudby Senior Inspector of Electrical Engineering Mine Safety Operations

  2. Overview of this presentation DPI - Supporting Information, registration & licensing Context and Scope of EEMP’s Content of EEMP’s Plant safety legislation and electrical plant Summary

  3. Supporting Technical References Electrical Engineering Management Plan Electrical Protection and Earthing Control and Supervision of Electrical Work Removal and Restoration of Power Management of Hazardous Area Equipment Practices for Portable apparatus Licensing of cable repair facilities Competencies for cable repairers

  4. Supporting Technical References Technical principles for the design of electrical systems Electrical plant for use in hazardous zones Design of powered winding systems for registration Life-cycle management of powered winding systems

  5. Supporting Gazette Notices – Electrical content Cable repair workshops Retention of notifications of electrical work Plant Hazardous Zone Electrical Plant Use of non-Ex portable plant in a hazardous zone Records Requirements before use – Mobile, Remote Control & Fixed gas detecting Powered Winding system Definition Registration Gas detecting plant Shotfiring plant Powered Winding Systems

  6. Plant Registration & Licensing Plant registration has little electrical plant included Cable repair workshops are required to be licensed Ex repair workshops are required to be licensed

  7. EEMP - Context CMH&S Act, OH&S Act and associated regulations require: Minimise risk to people A systematic approach to OH&S Application of the hierarchy of risk controls in the following order: Substitute for a lesser hazard Isolating the hazard from people Minimising risk by engineering controls Procedures PPE

  8. EEMP - Scope ALL coal operations have to have an EEMP The EEMP needs to consider: ALL clauses in the OH&S Regs and Coal Regs ALL electrical plant at the operation The life-cycle SEP’s an important part EEMP linked to other MP’s and legislative requirements EEMP requirements are mainly specified in: Clauses 13 & 19 Coal Regulation 2006 OH&S Regs Chapter 5 (Plant Safety)

  9. EEMP – Management Systems EEMP is part of the OH&SMS Objectives – Clause 13 Coal Regulation Organisational structure - DPI expectation: U/G must be a manager of electrical engineering Other operations an engineering qualification Full time Replaced in a timely manner Responsible for day to day EEMP implementation

  10. EEMP – Plant design requirements SEP’s – essential part of EEMP’s Technical detail Life-cycle Will reference standards, guidelines etc. Compliance with AS/NZS3000 & 3007 Electrical Plant in a hazardous zone Chapter 5 OH&S Regs Gazette notices – plant specifications Arc fault control Static electricity control

  11. EEMP – Plant design requirements Electrical protection on ALL circuits Earthing Provision of switchgear Automatic trip on main ventilation failure. Signage

  12. EEMP – Practices Electrical Plant in a hazardous zone Maintenance Licensing of cable repair workshops Licensing of Ex repair facilities Gazette notice - Portable non-Ex plant in a hazardous zone Interrupting the supply in certain circumstances Restoration of power after a main ventilation system failure. Specific procedures Welding Work near OHL’s and cables

  13. EEMP – Electrical work and practices Done by qualified electrical people Commissioning, testing and notification process Restoration of power by competent people No live line work Safety and access for ESA workers Electrical testing procedures Safe operation of HV installations High voltage access procedures

  14. Plant Safety Legislation Fundamental to ALL Plant Encompasses the life cycle Specifies duties of - designers manufacturers, importers suppliers (including hiring & leasing) employers (users of plant)

  15. Plant Safety Legislation - Design Manufacturers and importers of plant designed outside NSW to ensure that designers responsibilities are met Employer duties in contracting out a design Designers Consider life-cycle ID any foreseeable hazards Assess risks Identify design requirements and any other actions to eliminate or control the risks.

  16. Plant Safety Legislation - Designers In doing a risk assessment must take into account: plant & work environment range of environmental and operational conditions ergonomic & safe access needs any specific legislative risk controls Review risk assessment Specify systems of work or operator competencies Provide information to others with responsibilities Providing information to manufacturers of plant

  17. Plant Safety Legislation - Manufacturers ID any foreseeable hazards that may be introduced Assess risks of the hazards introduced during manufacture Consult with the designer to eliminate or control the risk Identify any actions necessary to eliminate or control the risk Faults not incorporated into plant Designer consulted with regard to the rectification of the fault Review risk assessment Provide information to other persons with responsibilities

  18. Plant Safety Legislation – Manufacturers / Suppliers & information Providing information to purchasers of plant: Purpose of the plant Testing or inspections Life-cycle work on the plant Safe systems of work Competency for test & inspection Emergency procedures; Documents relating to the testing and inspection of the plant Knowledge of a problem - notify the owner

  19. Plant Safety Legislation – Working with plant (Employer duties) Overarching employer duties Erected, installed or commissioned Use proper instructions By a competent person (who is given all necessary information) Suitably located Appropriately fixed Sufficient clear space Emergency lighting, safety doors and alarm systems Interim safeguards used during testing Commissioning to establish it is safe to use If you sell plant - you become a supplier and take on those duties!!!!!!!!

  20. Plant Safety – Machines and Electrical Plant Large & powerful Technically complex Operate in different cultural environments They work in a harsh and unforgiving environment People work in close proximity throughout the life cycle throughout the production cycle

  21. Plant Safety – Machines and Electrical Plant Compromising electrical engineering practices because of environmental constraints is not an option Reducing the practical ability to apply risk controls because of environmental constraints is not an option As power and size increase old design practices and risk control methods may be insufficient

  22. Summary Elec Eng safety outcomes are still the same Electrical Engineers have a pivotal role A structured and cohesive approach Good electrical engineering by good engineers. Qualified electrical people doing electrical work. Electrical equipment and systems are PLANT Plant Safety “bar” has been raised

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