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The Backpack Program PowerPoint Presentation
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The Backpack Program

The Backpack Program

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The Backpack Program

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  1. The Backpack Program

  2. Mission • Our mission is to provide students of Southwest Elementary (K-4) six nutritional meals for weekend consumption during the school year.

  3. Objective • The objective will be to build community support and improve school spirit.

  4. Solutions • Backpack program brochures have been completed and returned (approximately 102 children/families are now participating in the program)

  5. Who • The targeted population will be those students that have a need. • The program is established to include students and their family members that qualify. These additional family members can include brothers/sisters-step brothers/sisters-half brothers/sisters in grades 5 through 12 that attend Southwest.

  6. What • Each student and/or siblings will be provided six meals. These meals will be designed to supplement breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Items that may be included are dry cereal bars and fresh fruit. Note, all students were required to have parents/legal guardians fill out a food allergy data sheet before any food was provided.

  7. When • Each student that is identified will be provided the meals on Friday of each week. • All food items are purchased at cost, except meat items. At cost items are ordered/purchased on Mondays of each week. *all funding is provided by private donations only (food is purchased at cost when possible) • Food arrives at school on Wednesday of each week.

  8. When • Additional meat items are purchased at SAMS Club on Wednesday night. • Volunteers pack all food items on Thursday before backpack Friday. • Food is delivered to classrooms on Friday. • Teachers hand out “backpacks” to students at the end of the school day just before students load onto the their buses.

  9. The Food Process

  10. The Funding Process All funds are deposited directly into a tax free no interest account for the backpack program. These are tracked and accounted for every week via the bank statements and purchase invoices. There are no administrative costs. Every dollar that is spent is utilized to purchase food for the backpack program. • 102 students are served • $820.00 per week is the approximate cost • $8.04 is the approximate cost per student per week • 6 meals per weekend • $1.34 is the approximate cost per meal

  11. The Funding Process

  12. Issues • Continuous monthly funding • All checks can be made payable to the “backpack program” and turned into the school office or given to Mrs. Ross or Mr. Steely.

  13. Thank you for your support Backpack program • Christ United Methodist Church • Washburn First Baptist Church • Purdy Farm Center Inc. • Purdy Flowers and Gifts Teacher support • Mrs. Ragan • Mrs. Ross • Mrs. Shaffer • Mrs. Miller • Mrs. Branstetter Community volunteer support • Jim Erwin • Michelle Wallace • Mrs. Becky Ragan • Mrs. Della Edgeten Additional support for Shoes and clothes • Shirley Bass • Mrs. Shaffer • Any and all donations are appreciated • All checks should be made out to the Backpack program

  14. Point of contact • Please notify Timothy L. Steely - Special Education Teacher) email address is cell phone number 417- 466 – 4345 for any recommendation and volunteers that might wish to support the program.