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An Effective Guide to Getting the Most out of Your San Juan Island Whale Watching Tour PowerPoint Presentation
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An Effective Guide to Getting the Most out of Your San Juan Island Whale Watching Tour

An Effective Guide to Getting the Most out of Your San Juan Island Whale Watching Tour

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An Effective Guide to Getting the Most out of Your San Juan Island Whale Watching Tour

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  1. May 17, 2017 An Effective Guide to Getting the Most out of Your San Juan Island Whale Watching Tour Image 1: Key Strategies That Help You Maximize San Juan Island Whale Watching Whale watching lets you see these large mammals in their natural habitat. These up-close encounters don’t happen often, so you need to make the most of them. You can if you prepare for these voyages ahead of time. 1

  2. Know Where to Spot Whales Once you’ve climbedon board one of these charters and you’re situated, people often ask where the whales will be. The crew may tease you saying, they will be in the water. And everyone will have a good laugh. Whale are creatures living in their natural habitat. They don't follow a set schedule. The famous San Juan Island orca whale travel in groups called pods. They are very social and they spend a lot of time looking for salmon, their favorite meal. This group behavior makes them easier to spot and most of the captains of whale watching excursions share the latest updates as to where the whale are at any given moment. Most seats on the fast boats are perfectly fine for viewing and photography. Sides seats might have a cleared view, but you're more likely to fully feel the salty spray. Don't worry. You won't miss out. Everyone on the boat will know when whale are insight. A Friendly Team No whale watching tour is complete without a knowledgeable tour guide, a naturalist who knows each whale species in depth. You want your guide to provide facts throughout the voyage, giving you an educational experience as well as an adventurous one. A friendly tour guide can make all the difference in the world. You may be able to gauge this in advance by the friendliness of the front office when you book your trip. If they're not very friendly, you may want to try another tour company before booking. If your tour guide does his job, you should walk away from this experience more appreciative and knowledgeable about different whale species. You can then spread this knowledge to others in your community. Pack Appropriately Because you’ll probably be anywhere from 1 to 20 miles off shore, you can’t go back quickly if you forget something. That’s why you should plan to bring on board all your personal essentials. You’ll need sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. Choose a solution that’s waterproof. Depending on the weather, getting wet is a definite possibility once you leave port. It's bright out there on the water. A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are highly recommended. 2

  3. If you plan on capturing high-quality photos, you should bring a user-friendly camera. Ideally, you want one that’s lightweight and compact enough that you can quickly stash it into a pocket or pull inside a coat should things get a little wet out there. A good camera strap around the neck gives me confidence that the camera won't end up in the drink. Cell phone cameras have a nasty habit of slipping out of people's hands when they get distracted or excited. Also consider that laws prohibit boats from charging into a pod of whales. Sometimes it’s difficult for charters to get as close to the whales as you'd like. Even when whales approach a boat, operators are supposed to back away a bit, if it is safe to do so. For this reason, you should bring a camera that has great zoom capabilities. You'll be able to take great pictures from the moment of first sighting. If you’ve never been on a boat before and are unsure of how you will react to the motion of the ocean, take seasickness remedies just before you board. Taking the medicine before ensures you get the most out of these experiences. Some people swear they get the same positive result by having a few ginger snap cookies in your pocket to snack on during the trip. In terms of clothing, this generally depends on the weather. However, it’s smart to bring layers of clothing and adjust accordingly. San Juan Island whale watching gives you everything in an action trip, including breathtaking views and the chance to connect to nature up close. You’ll have a newfound respect for these majestic creatures and a lifetime of memories to recount. About Schooners North:If you’re looking for memorable whale watching tours, trust in Schooners North. We deliver a full day of fun sailing and wildlife observation that includes the quest to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Our tour guides are insightful, friendly, and we offer many accommodations to enhance your experience. Book a voyage with us today. Sources: Make the Most out of Your Whalewatching Experience, 9 Whale Watching Tips, 3