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Paul Studio - Top Product Design Companies in Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
Paul Studio - Top Product Design Companies in Mumbai

Paul Studio - Top Product Design Companies in Mumbai

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  1. # Introduction Paul Studio is one of the top industrial design studios in Mumbai. They love to create iconic best sellers. Paul Studio has designed the best-selling, iconic and innovative modular switches, and electrical accessories for most of the famous product companies based in Mumbai like GM Modular, Goldmedal, Greatwhite, Cona and many more. For Mumbai based companies, Paul Studio is the perfect match for innovative product designing.

  2. # WHAT WE CAN DO? • CONCEPT DESIGN / NEW USP CREATION- We create innovative concept designs and USPs for brands after thoroughly understanding the pain points/needs of consumers & ideation sessions. • INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT DESIGN/STYLING - Our Design Thinking methodology serves as a key brand differentiator and helps in business growth. We create iconic best sellers! • PACKAGING DESIGN / PRODUCT GRAPHICS- We create photo-realistic 3D images of your products to project an everlasting impression on your customers through catalogs, brochures, cartons, and other digital/print material.

  3. # OUR ADDITIONAL SERVICES • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN- Creativity and Engineering go hand in hand. We add all the details of internal and external components to the designs in 3D CAD. Our electrical engineering background is an added bonus! • TOOLING & MOULDING CO-ORDINATION - We pay special attention to choosing the right tool room for a perfect final product quality. The 3F (Fit-Feel-Finish) is our prime consideration in the process. • NEW CMF (COLOR / MATERIAL / FINISH) - We give products a new color/finish/texture to make it more appealing to the consumers. We add the WOW! factor for an everlasting impression of your brand/products in the market.

  4. # OUR ALLIED SERVICES • RAPID PROTOTYPING / 3D PRINTING - We built accurate physical prototypes to check the internal and external part fitment along with other engineering details before proceeding for tool making. • AESTHETIC MOCKUP FOR EXHIBITIONS - We can help your product to steal the trade shows and exhibitions limelight with high quality hyper-realistic aesthetic mockups. We use both traditional & digital techniques to simulaMOCK UPte the color/finish/material/texture of the product. • BATCH / MASS MANUFACTURING LIAISON- We can find the right vendor to fulfill your low and high volume production requirements. We can help your “Make in India” dream come true!

  5. # OUR FEATURED PRODUCTS • Angular Multi Plug for GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. Paul Sandip along with directors of GM brought iconic universal multi-plug innovation to solve a nagging problem of loose 2 pin plugs falling off while in use. A very smart idea fixed this problem. The bottom face was tilted at an angle of 40°. This idea stopped loose plugs from falling down. Translucent rear cover added an element of interest! • E-Book Power Strip for GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. A multiple power outlet spike guard is the market need. Paul Sandip designed a spike guard that has a built-in safety shutter with thermal trip technology, protects against voltage fluctuations, has fire retardant protection, master switch and indicator. These features make this spike guard truly reliable to use.

  6. # OUR SUCCESS STORY • Bulb Holder Set for GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. The Bulb holders (Angle & Batten) designed by Paul Sandip and manufactured by GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in 2005 and disrupted the electrical industry. Since then there is no looking back. With approx. 5400 Million bulb holders already sold, the counting is still increasing every day. • Electrical Accessories for GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. With an aim to declutter the living spaces at home & office without forgetting the essentials of everyday life, we identified several product ideas that could be seamlessly inserted into modular switch plates as a utility. Paul Sandip designed over 69 smart electrical accessories that were launched by GM Modular Pvt. Ltd.

  7. # REASONS WHY MUMBAI COMPANIES SHOULD CHOOSE US? Reason 1: We are one of the best Industrial design studios offering end-to-end services. You can get us on-board for all major branding & product needs. Reason 2: Operating from Pune, we are just a few km away from Mumbai. Hence, we can serve you seamlessly. Reason 3: Our network is spread across the country. We have our presence in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and serves international clients spread across 16 countries. Reason 4: We are already a successful product design studios and company in Mumbai.Our achievements in Mumbai city reflects the talent we have. If you are looking for Industrial design companies in Mumbai, we are here!