10 steps to play tabla for beginners n.
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10 Steps to Play Tabla For Beginners PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Steps to Play Tabla For Beginners

10 Steps to Play Tabla For Beginners

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10 Steps to Play Tabla For Beginners

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  1. 10 Steps to Play Tabla For Beginners

  2. Many years ago, I took a course in tablaplaying. The tutor was of Caucasian origin, but had studied with some great tabla players and clearly knew his Tin Taal from his KehervaTaal. For years since I've had the often hand-written sheets he gave me to learn from and felt they were a fantastic recourse that anyone at my stage of interest in tabla playing (i.e. just starting out) would find invaluable.

  3. Here's my Beginners Lessons of Tablaplaying:1. Learn how to sit while playing tabla. The position of waist should straight and the placement of both hands on the Dugi and Tabla should not be stiff. It should be in comfortable position, so that playing tabla is easy.

  4. 2. Position the four fingers of your right hand such as index, middle finger, ring finger and little finger so that they are separated from each other.

  5. 3. While playing the tabla, use the force of index finger on the edge of tabla to create a nice tune.

  6. 4. Position the middle finger above from the rest of three fingers while playing so that clear tuning of every bol (wording) come out.

  7. 5. Place the left hand on the Dugi and the right hand on Tabla.6. While practicing, keep the rhythm slow for proper learning.7. After primary learning, increase the rhythm gradually.

  8. 8. While practicing, avoid talking with others. Concentrate on tabla playing.

  9. 9. Don't try to practice more than one Tablabol at a time. Repeat the practice of same bol at least one hour a day.

  10. 10. Try to listen to as much Indian Classical music as you can. This will allow you to hear how it sounds and get a feel for common rhythms. Hearing music is almost as important as riyaz (practice).

  11. To have a look at various type of tables log on to