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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating

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  1. Healthy Eating At Warsaw School District

  2. Local Wellness Tips All foods made available on school campuses should offer children nutritious choices. Physical activity should be incorporated into the school day as often as possible. A healthy, physically active child is more likely to be academically successful.

  3. What we always want to know . . . • Where is this coming from? • Why do we have to do this? • Goals set by our committee: • Promote student health • Reduce student obesity • Facilitate student learning of lifelong healthy habits • Increase student achievement

  4. Points addressed by committee • Missouri Eat Smart Nutritional Guidelines • Physical activities • Interject activities • Be creative • “keep them moving” • Recess before lunch • Recess not withheld as punishment • Meal times • Community involvement • Family involvement

  5. Missouri Eat Smart Nutritional Guidelines • Set level of acceptance for each component • School meals • A la carte • Vending • After school

  6. School meals • Increase fresh fruit/vegetable offerings • Sample days (introduce new foods) • Introduced “oatmeal bar” at breakfast (use leftover oatmeal in cakes, muffins, cookies to add grains) • Add fruit & nuts to old recipes (slaw, salads, desserts) • Use whole wheat flour in recipes • Serve whole wheat breads and buns in place of white

  7. A la carte & vending • Revamped offerings • baked chips • Whole grain choices • Low fat yogurt • Fresh fruit • Flavored waters • Juices • Added soup to salad bar

  8. After school/party snacks The committee stressed offering “healthy choices” at these activities. Information was provided to sponsors and parents regarding the Local Wellness purpose. Handouts on alternative “treat ideas”

  9. Healthy Habitat=Healthy Habits Painted the new pyramid on the cafeteria wall to encourage students to eat healthier. Install a wall file system beneath the food pyramid where pamphlets endorsing healthy eating habits and food guidelines could be kept for students. Bulletin boards in all cafeterias to promote healthy eating themes throughout the year. Playing music during the lunch period to create a pleasant atmosphere Having “story time” during meals for elementary children

  10. Involve the students & staff • FACS class did group projects on school nutrition • FACS class presented nutrition information to grade school classes • Working on FACS classes serving “Special Meal” to a table of students at the middle & elementary levels • Students at different grade levels make suggestions for school food service improvements • Teachers reward students with physical activity/prizes rather than candy • Teachers promote exercise within the school day (mark lesson plans with “PA” to show physical activity) • Teachers email me when they add a new physical activity

  11. University Extension Classes 300 nutrition classes per year offered at no cost to the district Early Childhood through 12th grade receive nutrition information from our Nutrition Program Assistant Contact your local University Of Missouri Extension office

  12. Other student suggestions Other images that could be painted on the cafeteria walls include • Warsaw Wildcat eating healthy food • Healthy, fit image (animal or human) eating healthy foods while standing next to an unhealthy, out of shape image. • Images of healthy foods from each food group The current tables in the cafeteria do not provide back support for the students and staff. Added canopy to snack bar to give a café appearance. Improve the aesthetic value of the cafeterias with school colors and paw prints.

  13. School wide promotions • Class pedometer challenge • Morning workouts at South School • “W.A.R.” Walking And Reading at Middle School • Benton County Fitness Challenges • Biggest losers challenge • Limited T.V. time • 5 a day challenge (Faculty kick off) • Practice 2 fitness categories per day

  14. Community/Family Involvement • Benton County Health Dept. Fitness challenges • Fall-”Shape Up Missouri” • Spring-”Get Fit by the Numbers!” Exercise & Diet • Newspaper articles • Family Fun nights • District Newsletters • Parents as Teachers Newsletters/visits • Radio Programs • Warsaw Trails Project & Safe Routes to Schools • Blue Ribbon Health Summit

  15. Family Involvement • Parents As Teachers Newsletters • Newspaper articles • Family Fun nights • District Newsletters • “Health Handouts” to promote health snacks and sack lunches

  16. “. . .whatever it takes to teach students how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

  17. WARSAW R-IX LOCAL WELLNESS PLAN Local Wellness must be the focus of all with our children’s welfare as our goal A healthy, physically active child is more likely to be academically successful.