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  1. Nell • Ruby: Introduction, Q&A • Enga: Nell’s relation with Nature. • Anita: People’s attitudes toward Nature. • Mandy: How does this movie see nature. and Conclusion. 5. Salina: Jerry and Pola 6. Sharon:Human (Press) and Nature’s conflict • Mirada: Nature and human’s conflict • Andrew: Supplementary Section

  2. Introduction: Definition of civilization and nature: • 1.Civilization:—no car, no language, no electricity, no rock and roll… • 2.Nature: —pure nature: —civilization nature: Nell

  3. More nature civilization nature Civilization Thesis Statement: • 1: the relationship of nature and civilization —Are “more nature” more powerless than civilization?

  4. Can Nell represent Nature?

  5. Nell was more associated with nature • Nell lived in nature. • Nell loved nature. • Nell comfort by nature. • Nell was educated by her mother. • Nell was believed in Bible. • Nell wore clothes and ate canned food

  6. Characters’ Attitudes Toward Nature • Admire and Appreciate • Fear • Want to take advantages from Nature. • Nature can comfort people’s sorrow.

  7. From what viewpoint, this movie saw Nature? • Over-beautify

  8. When Jerry and Paula Enter Nell’s Life… • At the beginning: *Jerry: Tries to learn Nell’s language => personal contact; with simple equipment. (radio tape) *Paula: “Analyze” Nell’s language; with all kinds of modern productions. (video tape, convenient boat)

  9. Reasons why Jerry and Paula wants to get to know Nell: (Dr. Al:motivation) *Jerry: emotional;transference => lonely childhood *Paula: 1. for job (beginning) 2. emotional (later) => broken family

  10. The same reaction of Paula and Jerry: 1. They think they can do the best for Nell. (arguing at the court) 2. Want to protect Nell from being hurt. (educate Nell; when the press comes) • Trying to help but turn out to be the ones who are needed. *self consciousness of Jerry and Paula

  11. The Conflict Between Nature / Human • Helicopter- strong human technique ◆ The loud noise interrupted peace and brought threat. 2. Journalist- explorer V.S Jerry – protector ◆ He took Neil as a material for report to met his need. ~ no empathy ◆ Jerry acted as a protector also out of emotional need

  12. The Conflict Between Nature / Human 3. Delivery boy- unintentional victimizer ◆ The teasing attitude toward Neil did hurt her without thinking. (like some careless tourists) 4. Outside Intervention (the doctor, law to force Neil’s leaving )- fake judge ◆ The superior self-esteem over nature disregarded Neil’s own will and thoughts. (hierarchy)

  13. Conflicts & Impact Nature made on Civilization • Human being tends to reject something / someone different and unfamiliar. (e.g., Nell) • Nell is treated like an animal, or even a pet. • Is called the “wild child” and the “savage woman.” • Is not considered human, for her ability to live on her own is doubted. • Even though Nell… • is human being indeed • is not wild (language -> English; well-dressed; modern products) • lives well for nearly 30 years in the woods

  14. Conflicts & Impact Nature made on Civilization • Human are shocked by Nell’s purity and simple mind. • The billiard room scene • Offensive & Sexual game played by the delivery boy • Nell follows and shows her naked body • Shock occurs among people 3. Nakedness vs. Nudity • Nell: being ‘naked’ -> is being natural (e.g., swimming in the lake) • Civilized people: • Body covered w/o clothes in public is shameful & sinful -> ‘nude’ -> being observed • Showing naked body in public is not appropriate

  15. Conflicts & Impact Nature made on Civilization • Balance in the end • The court scene • Nell behaves more appropriately and sociably • Speaks to the public • Words contain emotions: • fear for loneliness • eager for companions • Causes sympathy due to similarity

  16. Supplementary Section: Human Interventionin the "Stone Age cave dwellers" of Philippines

  17. The Tasaday: • A Major discovery • (1st Contacts with Modern Society 1971) Tasaday watch Elizalde's helicopter land on knoll at edge of forest

  18. An elaborate hoax or Is the hoax claim the real hoax Tasaday watch themselves in 1988 on video of TV program 20/20 that two years earlier said they didn't exist. Shocked Tasaday said they would go wherever necessary to tell the truth Tasaday Lobo said the translator promised "cigarettes, clothing, anything we wanted" if he and Adug would say the Tasaday didn't exist.

  19. Tasaday Today • (Lifestyle Revolution) • Reflection • Could life have developed and developed well in the universe without intervention out of good intention? • Main Reference Website Data:

  20. Conclusion Nature & Civilization is problematic • Showing that the more natural is also part of civilization. • Showing that the less civilized is not the less powerful

  21. Questions: • 1.Does it mean that if we want to live in nature we should be alone, just by ourselves? Ex. Nell, Surfacing • 2.Do people living in groups always develop civilization? Is living in groups equal to leave nature? • 3. Can People live in Nature without any modern conveniences? If you are going to live in nature for long, what would you bring?