sports specific training for beginning to professional paintball players n.
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Sports Specific Training For Beginning to Professional Paintball Players PowerPoint Presentation
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Sports Specific Training For Beginning to Professional Paintball Players

Sports Specific Training For Beginning to Professional Paintball Players

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Sports Specific Training For Beginning to Professional Paintball Players

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  1. Sports Specific Training For Beginning to Professional Paintball Players Paintball By Jorell Celano

  2. Tired of Being Shot? Do you get out of breath… or legs cramp? Are you tired after a few games? Than this Paintball Specific Training is for you Available for Beginners and Professionals

  3. Common reasons for getting shot Fatigue Speed Communication Injuries

  4. Fatigue Errors Muscular. Legs cramp up, arms start to get heavy, back starts to hurt Endurance.. Out of breath, cant pay adequate attention Flexibility. Legs tighten up muscles are start to pull

  5. Speed Errors Not able to get into position quick enough off break Not able to sprint to the next bunker fast enough Tucking and proper shooting position

  6. Communication Errors Poor or No hand signals Not being able to express location of enemy When to be verbal and when to be quite Range of sight and where you should be looking

  7. Common Injuries Twist Ankles Scraps and gashes Wrists and hands Random bruises from paintball and/or foreign objects

  8. Muscular Exercises Compound Exercises Core Exercise Weight Training

  9. Compound Exercises Squats with press Lunges with bicep curl Any other multiple muscle exercises

  10. Core Exercises Abdominal and Oblique Exercises Lower back Exercises Bands, Ball, and Bosu Exercises

  11. Weight Training Upper Body Lower Body Minor Muscles

  12. Endurance and Speed Exercises Long distance running Agility Exercises Sprinting Exercises

  13. Flexibility Stretch all the major muscles Minor muscles, hands, ankles etc Neck and head muscles

  14. Communication Skills Corrections Hand signals Simplistic strategies Movement patterns

  15. Proper Shooting Positions Proper prone position Proper kneeling position Proper standing position Knowing your body and cover provided from a bunker

  16. Nutrition Adequate will be discuss What to eat the night before a game What to eat during a the day of paintball What to eat while training for a game

  17. When? And Where? Time will vary depending on scheduling Technique Training will be outdoors Weight Training and Flexibility indoors Compound exercise indoors and outdoors Why some indoors and outdoors? Simple, because paint ball is an outdoor sport therefore we want you to be acquired to the environment as possible much as possible. (i.e. summer, winter, spring, or fall)

  18. Basic Workout Plan Muscular about 30 mins 3 times a week Endurance two days long distance and one day working on speed about 30 min Flexibility 30 mins three days a week One session with a trainer will be 1 hour long.. and intensity will vary depending on level of the client.

  19. Pricing Private Sessions ------ $30 Single Sessions ----- $25 Group Sessions -----$15 per person

  20. Meet Your Trainer Jorell Celano Ace and CCC Personal Trainer Certified 6 years of training in martial arts 1 personal training Paintball last 3 years

  21. Contact Info Jorell Celano Cell Phone #856 404 1517 For more information visit my page at