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Online Maheshwari Silk Cotton Sarees PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Maheshwari Silk Cotton Sarees

Online Maheshwari Silk Cotton Sarees

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Online Maheshwari Silk Cotton Sarees

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  1. shatika Presents Maheshwari silk sarees

  2. Magnificent Maheshwari silk cotton sarees Home to India's finest hand loom fabric traditions since the 5th century, Maheshwar, a city in Madhya Pradesh, is noted as a centre for weaving colourful Maheshwari sarees. Conceived and designed by Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar of Madhya Pradesh herself, each Maheshwari Sari Conjures up a picture of royal Elegance. These saris are weaved with distinctive designs involving stripes, checks and floral borders. They are woven from silk and cotton fibers and embellished with golden zari. The new trend in Maheshwari Sarees is the Maheshwari Silk Cotton Sarees. A good mix of silk and cotton, they are available in spirited colors and diaphanous texture. While the Pallus are particularly distinct with their five stripes, Maheshwari sarees are also famous for their reversible Borders, that can be worn either side. Once an exclusive privilege of the royalty, all the three, Maheshwari silk sarees, Maheshwari cotton sarees and Maheshwari silk cotton sarees have now become a preferred choice of every woman.

  3. Striped pallu radium green Maheshwari sico saree A multi color border with plain glossy body, this radium green Maheshwari silk cotton saree is a feast for your eyes. Made from mercerized cotton, this saree has a smooth texture.

  4. Dark Mustard Plain Maheshwari silk cotton saree A classic example for a glorified and unique weave this dark mustard plain Maheshwari silk cotton saree needs no more embellishments.

  5. Lemon Yellow and green Maheshwari cotton saree Woven in beautiful color contrasts of lemon yellow and green this pure Maheshwari cotton saree with silk border gets its beauty from the simplicity of its texture.

  6. Golden Border Dark Blue Maheshwari Sico Saree Born from the hearts of the weaver this elegant plain dark blue Maheshwari silk cotton saree with golden zari border is a perfect match of royal elegance and sheercomfort

  7. Ink blue Maheshwari silk cotton saree Adorned in the blue, gold and red combination, this cool looking Maheshwari silk cotton saree is a good mix of grandeur and comfort and is an effortless drape on.

  8. Shatika Handloom Sarees Unveil the Beauty of Indian Heritage through Indian Handloom Sarees Since the dawn of civilization, handlooms have been associated with excellence in India’s artistry in textiles and fabrics, and sari which is considered to be the most ancient piece of clothing has been inspiring generations of artists and craftsmen to weave their dreams and visions into creating exquisite handloom sarees. However with passage of time, just like the clacking sounds of the looms, the dreams and visions of these weaves too are fading away. In an attempt to bring handloom sarees back in vogue, Shatika has begun a revolution; a six yard sari revolution is a humble attempt at bringing back the lost love for handloom sarees. Dedicated to creating a unique interpretation of the age old craft, we travel to all colourful corners of the country visiting weavers, guiding them on the latest trends so they weave out the age old tradition with a modern touch and bring them online so you can savor the delights of hand picking them from the comfort of your homes.

  9. Want To Check Out Latest Collection of Maheshwari Silk Cotton Sarees Phone: +91 9425705766 WhatsApp: +91 8823886555 Visit Thank You