Sara Malik

Designer, Orient Textiles

Sara was born in lovely Karachi, where she grew up next to the sea. After finishing college she realized her interest for fashion and design and moved to Lahore to start a career. She completed various courses in Self-Development, Motivation and Client Relations. In Karachi she qualified as a Fashion Illustrator & a Fashion Consultant, after which she did her degree in Fashion Designing. She is using her business acumen, years of corporate experience, and unflagging energy, Sara pioneered the field of wardrobe management. In Shop at Orient, she concentrated comprehensive & coordinated services to help advance the career professional. Sara believes quality is a consequence of good classic design, the maker’s integrity, fine fabric/detailing, and superior craftsmanship while she disfavors trendy fashion, cheap goods, and cookie-cutter production. Shopping for Sara is an enriching, fun experience and an extension of her unique personality, vision of herself.