places to v isit around jodhpur n.
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Places to visit around Jodhpur PowerPoint Presentation
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Places to visit around Jodhpur

Places to visit around Jodhpur

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Places to visit around Jodhpur

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  1. Places to Visit Around Jodhpur

  2. Pali Pali was a trade centre. In the 11th century AD, Pali was ruled by the Guhilas of Mewar. The Rathordynsasty chronicles relate that Siyaji or Sheoji, grandson of Chandra, the last GahadvalaRathore king of Kannauj, came to Marwar on a pilgrimage to Dwarka in Gujarat, and on halting at the town of Pali he and his followers settled there to protect the Brahmin community from the raids of marauding bands. His devali with the inscription of 1273 AD was discovered 21 km north west of Pali. ChampavatasRathores ruled Pali until 1761 AD when it became part of Jodhpur state.

  3. Khimsar Perched on the edge of the Great Thar Desert in the heart of rural India lies this unique 16th century fort that offers experience after exhilarating experience. Hundreds of years of history unfold as you glance at its battle-scarred walls and stroll down its ramparts. The Khimsar Dunes Village nestles amidst sand dunes that seem to roll into eternity. Fortunately, access is only by jeep, camel or horseback. It is truly remote, rural and romantic! Rustic in appearance, in consonance with the surroundings, these luxurious huts have been deliberately designed to be eco-friendly. Come savour the tranquility of the Thar Desert in all its majesty! The mini-lake that appears out of nowhere seems to be just a mirage.

  4. Phalodi Located 141 km from Jodhpur District headquarters, Phalodi is an old caravan center in the Thar Desert. This town was a trading center being on the land route from North Western India into Central India. The area saw a lot of movement in those times. Though various rulers ruled this city, it was originally under the rule of RaoMaldevRathore of Jodhpur. Thereafter for a short while this town came under the direct rule of Emperor Akbar. But Akbar's policy of appeasement saw the town in the hands of the rulers of Jaisalmer.

  5. Nagaur The fort is of historical importance. The Rajput rulers dominated Nagaur for a longer period. Nagaur rulers were repeatedly forced to pay tribute to the Sisodias of Chittor while their lands were slowly annexed by the Rathors of Jodhpur. In fact the case of Nagaur vividly illustrates the turning back of the tide of Islamic conquests in Rajputana in the 14th and 15th Centuries. Nagaur, north to Bikaner, and up to the border of Punjab, was called Jangladesh in ancient times.

  6. Kheechan Khichan is a small village located in PhalodiMandal , in the district of Jodhpur, in the state of Rajasthan in western India. It is located just 3.6 km away from Phalodi which is the Mandal Main Town. It is 113.9 km away from Jodhpur which is the District Main City. Khichan is just 339 km away from the Jaipur which is capital city of Rajasthan. In the recent years, this particular village is pulling a lot of native and foreign tourists because it has established successfully a tradition of feeding and taking care of wild birds, mainly the Demoiselle cranes that migrate to this particular region during the winter season every year.

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