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Air Conditioner Sales Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Air Conditioner Sales Singapore

Air Conditioner Sales Singapore

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Air Conditioner Sales Singapore

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  1. Air Conditioner Sales Singapore Our Products includes the brands likes LG, Sanyo, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and York Get warranty & Standard ized Installation . Visit the landing page to get the Air Conditioner

  2. About Us BMP Aircon sales services are top rated and trustworthy company in Singapore. They act as the e-commerce online store which is flooded with a flurry of options for you and your family to select best product from it . From the website of BMP Aircon you can easily find Air Conditioner for domestic and Commercial Categorized based brands like LG, Sanyo, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Hitachi , York and their prices in Singapore. Customer can take a look at the clear specification of our every Air Conditioner like domestic and Commercial and compare them with the other brands available here. Retail customer, wholesaler customer and other businessmen or Industrialist can get the better idea about our All AC at once. BMP Aircon give a Complete solution for the installation of AC indoor and outdoor units and fix them at your homes, offices, Shops, malls or other places, where ever you prefer.

  3. BMP Aircon Salesmen Sales Qualities Bmp Aircon Salesmen have a good knowledge for domestic and commercial air conditioner products. They gives a brief specification of products to the customer very clearly. BMP Aircon Salesmen gives respect to all the customers whether they are domestic , business class or manufacturer or industrialist. They have a good ability to read the mind of every customerwhile purchasing the Air Conditioner for home and office. They develop good interpersonal relationship with the clients

  4. Air Conditioner Products Domestic Air Conditioner Split- Indoor & Out door Window AC Commercial Air Conditioner Split Indoor & Outdoor- Light Commercial AC Commercial Achu Air Conditioner Commercial Cassette AC Window Floor standing Commercial Air

  5. Dealership Companies LG Hitachi Sanyo Toshiba Mitsubishi Fujitsu York

  6. Services General Services Maintenance Services Trouble shouting Services Sale & Installation Services Annual Maintenance Contract for all Air Conditioner brands

  7. OUR LOCATION 22 Sin Ming Lane #6-76 Mid view city Singapore – 573969 PHONE:+ 65 91453340

  8. Thankyou for Reading This PPT