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Things You need To know About Managed Print Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Things You need To know About Managed Print Services

Things You need To know About Managed Print Services

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Things You need To know About Managed Print Services

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  1. Things You need To know AboutManaged Print Services Situation IT

  2. Managed Print Services • Managed Print Services is a program offered by print providers that manages all aspects of your business printing devices, including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. • The optimization of these devices enables businesses to save money, produce less paper waste and increase efficiency. • Here is the top 6 list of stuff you should know about MPS.

  3. #1. Savings • With MPS Companies could save upto 30% on total Hardcopy cost, which reduces 60% of total carbon emission cost and will help in free up 10% of IT Staff on who were dedicated to manage printer and

  4. #2. Fastest Growing Segment • By the end of 2019, the MPS is assumed to cross US$ 51.4 billion. • Print vendors have been deploying MPS aggressively to promote its growth in printing market.

  5. #3. The 3 Stages • 1st Stage: Control your Fleet: 29% of MPS engagements happen in this stage, here you gain control of your fleet. • 2nd Stage: Optimization: 47% of MPS engagements happen in this stage. The stage of optimizing fleet to ensure devices are deployed in the most efficient and effective manner. • 3rd Stage: Enhancement: 23% of total MPS engagement happen in this stage. Here you can enhance your business process by engaging your business documents and document management solutions.

  6. #4. The IT Department Responsibilities • IF MPS is not deployed in your business, then 60% time of your IT persons time will be consumed in managing the printer related issues in your office.

  7. #5. Reduce Local Printer Cost • Local Printers are generally connected to only computer and thus one user can only access the printer and if other has to use them so a long procedure again. • Also managing them according to the need of every user in the office can make them more inefficient.

  8. #6. MANAGE REMOTE PRINTING • MPS gives you a remote control, and enables you and your employees to print from anywhere across the world. • So you won’t have to come to office for a special document to be shared with everyone in office. You can just give away a print from your flight or from your home.

  9. In Short • Managed Print Services (MPS) can be tailored in any shape for your business. The main purpose of reduce the workload on your IT dept. team and therefore increase the efficiency of your team. • Managed Print Services enhances the print ability to manage your printing environment more efficiently.

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