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fire extinguishers PowerPoint Presentation
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fire extinguishers

fire extinguishers

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fire extinguishers

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  1. Fire extinguishers are one of the most preferred types of fire safety equipments that are hanged to the wall of almost every type of establishment. There is an extreme essence of at least one fire extinguisher at every residential and commercial building. It is an incredible device to reduce the risk of potential fire damage. There are several types of this fire safety equipment available in the market these days and each of them has a specific use. Thus, you must make yourself abreast that which one should be used at which time. Different Types of Fire Extinguishers: Wet Chemical Extinguishers: This specific one is used to extinguish the fire caused due to oil since it is very difficult to put out such type of fire with the help of water as floats above the layer. Carbon-Dioxide Extinguishers: This particular type is used to extinguish electrical fire break out in some specific areas. Water Fire Extinguisher: Water fire extinguisher is used to combat with fire caused by flammable substances such as paper, wood and other organic materials. As clear from name itself that it is water based, thus, extinguishing electrical fire is not feasible. Powder Fire Extinguisher: This certain type is used to put out fire that is caused due to flammable solids, gases and liquids as well as electrical fire can also be extinguished by this type of faire safety device. It is one of the most common types of fire extinguisher found in almost every building these days. Foam Extinguishers:

  2. This type of extinguisher is undoubtedly the best choice for dealing with the fire caused by flammable solids and liquids. This one is much more similar to Powder fire extinguisher but remember it can’t be suitable for tackling electrical fires. So, if your home or office is still lacking the presence of a right type of fire extinguisher, make a right choice right away and then buy the certain one from a reputed online store such as So, equip yourself in advance with a right type of fire safety device in order to deal with those uninvited emergencies successfully.