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fire extinguishers Dartford PowerPoint Presentation
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fire extinguishers Dartford

fire extinguishers Dartford

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fire extinguishers Dartford

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  1. Fire E Fire Extinguisher Ensures Fire Safety xtinguisher Ensures Fire Safety Fire extinguisher is a device which is used to control small fires. Fire extinguisher contains different chemicals and materials according to its type. Types of extinguisher are there: Water and foam: It works by removing the heat in fire and preventing re ignition again. Carbon dioxide: It stops fire by removing the oxygen element and heat in fire. Dry chemicals: It works by disturbing the chemical reactions in fire. Wet chemicals: It extinguishes by removing the heat elements in fire and prevents fire to set up again. Fire extinguishers are classified into various classes according to their type of use: Class A Extinguisher: Fire extinguishers under this class are used to cease fire fueled by general materials like wood, clothes, paper etc. Class B Extinguisher: These are used to extinguish fires fueled by flammable liquids like oil and solvent. Class C Extinguisher: These extinguishers are used in electricity related fires such as short circuits, loose or broken wiring etc. Class D Extinguisher: Fire extinguishers under this class are used to cease fire fueled by flammable metallic powder used in paints, prints and powder metallurgy etc.

  2. Class K Extinguisher: Class k extinguisher used in fires caused by cooking fluids like deep fryer which uses high temperature fats and oils. Places where Fire extinguishers are kept: Portable fire extinguishers are kept at almost every place for fire safety in emergencies like: 1.Hospitals 2.Schools 3.Offices 4.Public Places 5.Garage 6.Kitchen 7.Public and private vehicles etc. It’s must to keep fire extinguishers at such places which are at risk to catch fire like car, as car contains elements of fuel such as oil and gas. It ensures the safety of your property because it extinguishes fire at any place in no time. Fire extinguishers can be purchased from online stores very easily with warranty of 5 years and more. You can get contact numbers of online companies from their websites for any information, queries and placing your order. They charge nothing extra for home delivery.