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How can we help you? What IT / MIS Can Do For You What we Offer Our Value Proposition Why Millettech Prod PowerPoint Presentation
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How can we help you? What IT / MIS Can Do For You What we Offer Our Value Proposition Why Millettech Prod

How can we help you? What IT / MIS Can Do For You What we Offer Our Value Proposition Why Millettech Prod

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How can we help you? What IT / MIS Can Do For You What we Offer Our Value Proposition Why Millettech Prod

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  1. Overview • How can we help you? • What IT / MIS Can Do For You • What we Offer • Our Value Proposition • Why Millettech • Products and Services • Success Stories • Our Partners • Contact Us

  2. How can we help you? Marketing & CRM Needs: • Needing Customer Targeting via IT/IS • Software Programming & Design • Better Content Management System • Website Upgrading / Reconstruction / Renewal/Translation • Database Repair/Construction/Development/Management Business Development Needs: • Business Consultancy • Professional / Clear/ Eye-Catching Graphics, Animation & Design • Improve E-Commerce Efficiency & Effectiveness • PowerPoint & Business Presentation Needs

  3. What IT / MIS Can Do For You • Increased Customer Targeting via user interface (Web) • Business Automation Through System Implementation • Competitive Advantage via SEO,SEM • Multilanguage Support / Mobility / Product Customization • Market Research / Demand & Trend Forecasts • Data Collection, Knowledge Management

  4. What we Offer • Web Solutions • Graphics, Animation & Design • 3D • Programming & IT/MIS Management Solutions • Marketing Tools & Consultancy • Business Presentation Solutions • Business Solutions in 1 Price-Quality Package

  5. Our Value Proposition Outcomes: • Processes Outsourced • Focus on Core-Competencies • Automated Business • Self-Managed • Less IT/MIS Worries Your Needs Millettech Resulting Competitive Advantages • Precise Targeting & Evaluation • Amplified Global reach & Brand Image • Prudent Demand & Consumer Management • Rapid Product alterations & E-commerce Efficiency • Faster Costumer Reach & Versatility

  6. Why Millettech Why Millettech? • Perfection: Quality as per your precise specifications • Personalized: Project is uniquely catered to you • Technology: We have the tools to meet requirements • Multilanguage: IT/ MIS Support of multiple languages • Experience & Network: Industry knowledge and links • Timing & Delivery: Timely meeting project deadlines • Consultation: Yes, we advice so you succeed Millettech

  7. Products and Services Design, Upgrading, Development & MaintenanceDomain Registration & Site TransferSite Translation & Multilingual SupportE-Commerce, MIS, Database Integration Website Services Using CMS 1.2, SEO, FTPOnline Market Data Tools, Surveys and Online PaymentDatabase Design, Integration, Development and Maintenance Content Management Programming, and DevelopmentPHP, MS SQL + Server, and OracleASP,.NET,PHP,XML,DHTML,HTML,JAVA, and PERLFLASH,COBOL C, C++, and VISUAL BASIC (VB)Platforms on Windows, Linux and Solaris Programming Use of state-of-the-art software packages to design creative and eye-catching products to increase market capture3D MAX, MAYA, SOFTIMAGE,XSI,3D PANAROMIC VIRTUAL TOURADOBE PHOTOSHOP,IMAGE READY, DREAMWEAVER MXCOREL DRAW, FLASH MX, 3D ANIMATION Design, Marketing & Art

  8. Website samples (e-commerce website) (e-commerce website) (e-commerce website) (B2B website) (Travel website) (Travel website) (Travel website) (Flash website) (Flash website) (Flash website) (3D website) (Joomla website) (social networking website) (social networking website) (B2C website and e-commerce website) (Company website with chat function) (3D website) (corporate website) (corporate website) (corporate website) (corporate website) (corporate website) (corporate website) (corporate website)

  9. Success Stories URL: www.

  10. Success Stories

  11. Success Stories

  12. Success Stories

  13. Success Stories

  14. Success Stories

  15. Success Stories

  16. Success Stories http://www.lime388. com

  17. Success Stories

  18. Success Stories

  19. Success Stories

  20. Success Stories

  21. Success Stories http://

  22. Success Stories Business card design

  23. Success Stories Business card design

  24. Success Stories Package design

  25. Success Stories Package design

  26. Success Stories Package design

  27. Success Stories Uniform design

  28. Success Stories Exterior design

  29. Success Stories Exterior design

  30. Success Stories Logo Design

  31. Success Stories Logo Design

  32. Success Stories Logo Design

  33. Success Stories Logo Design

  34. Success Stories Corporate Identity Design

  35. Success Stories 3D Design

  36. Success Stories 3D Design

  37. Success Stories CMS system

  38. Success Stories CRM system

  39. Success Stories OA system

  40. Our Partners OMRON Industrial Automation functions as a partner to help innovate worldwide manufacturing. Through our expertise in sensing and control technology, we enable manufacturers to operate with greater productivity and streamlined efficiency. Media&Markt, One of the best-known companies in Europe-and not just in the electronics sector. The extraordinarily high rate of familiarity can be attributed to intelligent advertising, effectively deployed. Surveys indicate: Media Market creates the advertising that promote the company. SoftLogistics, an American-invested company, exists to provide RFID, 2D barcode and other software solutions to aid businesses compositeness.

  41. Our Partners ALGOTEX, a European intelligence investment firm that offers design and creation of innovative technological solutions for quality & productivity Focusmedia, listed in US NASDAQ, is the founder of the outdoor tele-ads network in China, which covers nearly 52 cities and possesses 23,000 LTD, with the middle or high-income people as its target group. Shanghai Qixuan Information and Technology Co,. Ltd is specialized in offering sales channel management, product-defense, quality management and product authentication / assurance systems.

  42. Contact us Email: Marketing & Sales- General Enquires - Address: South Pudong Road lane 4250 No 11 Room 202Shanghai, 200126 China Tel and Fax: +86-21-6888 0576. Website: