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Veterans Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Veterans Day

Veterans Day

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Veterans Day

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  1. Veterans Day At Google, we like to reflect the ever changing world of our users through the logo designs on our homepage. These "doodles" celebrate different people, events or special dates and, until now, have been designed by our original Doodler, 29-year-old Dennis Hwang.

  2. US Election Day Google doodles, the drawings that are designed on, around and through the Google logo on our home page, are the creation of 29-year-old Google Webmaster Dennis Hwang. Since Dennis began celebrating and marking worldwide events and holidays with his doodles in 2000, his work has been seen by millions and reached cult status, with fans waiting with bated breath to see his next creation, and even websites and blogs devoted to his work. Dennis says: “I've produced almost 150 by now. The doodles are only a small part of my actual job (as Google's international webmaster, I'm responsible for managing all our international site content, which keeps me plenty busy)”

  3. Above: First Day of Summer. Below: 50th Anniversary of NASA

  4. Above: Independence Day Below: Happy Halloween, designed by Wes Craven

  5. Can you guess what these Google Doodles represent?

  6. Artists have been commemorated through Google Doodles Above: Chagall Below: Velasquez

  7. Can you guess which artists these Google Doodles represent? Choose from Monet, Munch, Warhol, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Da-Vinci, Escher, Magritte, Mondrian

  8. Magritte

  9. Monet

  10. Escher

  11. Michelangelo

  12. Da Vinci

  13. Warhol

  14. Mondrian

  15. Mondrian started painting trees, then his work got more abstract

  16. Van Gogh

  17. Munch

  18. Picasso

  19. Dali

  20. Do you get suggestions from Google users? • "I get quite a lot of suggestions from users. We're really open to user feedback and having ideas sent to us because our users are really creative. For example, a French astronomer had emailed us about the Venus Transit, in which Venus casts a shadow on the sun every 122 years. During the transit, you'll see a black dot moves across the sun, so here is what I drew."

  21. Every Year Google holds a competition for school children In 2008 the theme was community, this was a runner up (drawn by a 5 year old)

  22. The 2008 Winner

  23. ‘My Community’ • This year's overall winner is Daniel Thorne, aged 15, from Howard of Effingham School: • "When trying to fit my doodle in to theme of 'My Community' I used different pictures that normally feature in a community. For example, people close together on the letters, love hearts to symbolise relationships and colour to add more of an effect. The people are all different races but still are playing together in harmony. The rainbow symbolises peace and the joining of different communities."

  24. Runners up (aged 12)

  25. Runners up (aged 13)

  26. Dennis' Top Ten Tips 1) Make sure your design complements the shape of the letters in the Google logo, but don't let that restrict your creativity. 2) Experiment with different media to see which one works best for your design (you can even create your doodle on your PC). 3) Don't over-complicate your design – simpler images often have the most impact. 4) Remember that your design could end up on the Google homepage, so imagine how it will look on screen. 5) Remember to use colour well and think about how it interacts with a white background. 6) Avoid commercial or copyrighted images. 7) Think outside the box – try to create a doodle that's different from your classmates and hasn't been done before. 8) Feel free to use the space behind and in front of the Google letters, but try to maintain your design's overall balance. 9) Have fun! "Doodle 4 Google" is all about creativity and enjoying designing fun things.