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The Rise of Electric SuperCars

The Rise of Electric SuperCars. By Logan Glenwright, Reid Wilson, and Jeremy McNicol. Introduction. Description. Electric cars have risen to stardom because of their low impact on the environment.

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The Rise of Electric SuperCars

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  1. The Rise of Electric SuperCars By Logan Glenwright, Reid Wilson, and Jeremy McNicol

  2. Introduction

  3. Description Electric cars have risen to stardom because of their low impact on the environment. The luxury car market took notice of the trend and began to incorporate electric supercars into their lineups. As the name implies, the cars run off electric or in some cases are hybrid using both gasoline and electric. Electric cars need charged in order to run. An example for this is the Tesla charging locations in the garages at Easton.

  4. Relevance Many people want a supercar because the luxury appeal that comes with it. Many also want to limit their impact on the environment Buying an electric supercar is a no-brainer. One worry is they are not as efficient False A legitimate worry is that the car can be too quiet

  5. Relevance Speakers, gearboxes, and special engines. Notably Mercedes Does artificial make a difference to the driver? Buyers would have to figure out what they like most. Supercars have the “feel” aspect so it could be very important. source 3

  6. Historyof Electric Vehicles Electric Vehicles outsold Gasoline Cars 2:1 in the late 1890’s 1834: Thomas Davenport invented the first electric car Pope Manufacturing Company First large-scale operation in the US automobile industry 1903: First speeding ticket...in an electric vehicle Source 9

  7. History of Toyota Prius First introduced in 1997 and worldwide in 2000 First mass produced hybrid vehicle In 2011, Toyota expanded the Prius family to include the Prius V 1.5 million Prius’ on the road today Four types of Prius’ Classic Prius Prius V Prius C Prius V

  8. Historyof Tesla Founded on July 2003 in San Carlos, California Named after Nikola Tesla Invented the Tesla Roadster in 2008 First electric sports car Known for their luxury sedans Current CEO: Elon Musk CEO of SpaceX Source 8

  9. The Need for Better Batteries •Current battery tech: Lithium ion technology •Same technology as in cell phones, laptops, etc. •Li-ion battery energy density: 210Wh per kg •Current Li-ion batteries give the average electric car a range of about 160km(99.4 miles) • Why does battery technology need to be improved? •Limits electric car range •Limits electric car performance •Results in electric vehicles being less viable than traditional cars Source 5

  10. The Lithium-air Battery Source 5

  11. The Lithium-air Battery •Could perform 5 to 10 times better than Li-ion batteries •Theoretical energy density of 5,200 Wh per kg, practically closer to 1,300 Wh per kg to 1,680 Wh per kg •Nearly better than even a gasoline engine’s practical energy density, which is 1,700 Wh per kg •The technology is in the early stages of development •Problems: •Issues with rechargeability and durability •Testing done so far has been with pure O2 Source 5

  12. Government Regulation Government needs to assist in the development of electric car infrastructure to make the technology more viable for consumers Tax rebates could be given to make the price of an electric car more competitive The number of charging stations need to increase around the country Special parking and traffic lanes could be given to those with electric vehicles Source 3 Source 4

  13. In Conclusion Electric vehicles are one the keys to a greener future! Questions?

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