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  1. Roadmap Brent (Bootylicious) Chaney

  2. Relaxation The breeze plays with my hair as the waves gently wash away my thoughts of reality. I push my arm gently against the wood holding up my hammock and I begin to rock as if to hypnotize my entire body into happy peaceful tranquility. I pick up my book and continue to read…

  3. Spirit Orange paints the landscape of the stadium as a bead of sweat drips from my cowboy hat. There is a hectic, dense, anxious feeling in the air as the football team takes the field. The rising sound seems to vibrate my entire body down through the butterflies in my throat to my soul. We won’t be sitting down until after we sing the eyes of texas after the final whistle.

  4. Friends This picture best describes my friends. This was taken the second my name was called as winning an at large seat in Student government. My friends came out from everywhere to help me accomplish what I felt passionate about. You might think that friends are not a place, but they are for me. They are where I feel most comfortable. Where I can relate to others. They are what keep me smiling, focused, and selfless. No words can describe when a friend drops what they are doing to ensure you are happy or to bring you soup when you are sick, or even to trip in a packed movie theater in order to get a laugh out of you. Friends are my favorite retreat.

  5. Family My family is my everything. I am very close to them. We talk on the phone almost once a day still. I don’t have to be in any place with them. Just talking on the phone takes me somewhere else. I am relaxed and happy. My parents have sacrificed so much for me and I truly look up to them as role models. They are nurturing yet give me space to learn for myself. When I am in my “family” space there is an amazing sense of pride. I know that no matter what I do, what piercings, tattoo’s, “Britney Spears” style weddings, weekend trips to Mexico etc. they will always be there for me. The best way I can describe this feeling is when you find a pillow that fits you perfectly as you lay your head gently into it. The sides of the pillow move up around your head to support you and the cloth soothingly brushes your face and you feel at peace. This is my family.

  6. Spirituality My spirituality is a special place that I reserve only for myself. It is where I communicate with God. I feel extremely uncomfortable sharing about my spirituality. It is a locked door. A place where I can go and know that no one can follow. This is where I sort out the pieces of my life. This is the drawing board, the board of directors, the guardian of my true self. I can go here anytime, walking to class, in the shower, in my dreams, or in church. My spiritual beliefs have been the driving force of my road trip of life. It has put me here in this classroom giving this presentation. I know it will lead me where I need to go with an open mind, an open heart, and a laugh.