the hairy ape n.
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The Hairy Ape

The Hairy Ape

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The Hairy Ape

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  1. The Hairy Ape Eugene O’Neill

  2. In addition to The Hairy Ape, Eugene O’Neill also wrote • Desire Under the Elms • Long Day’s Journey into Night • Mourning Becomes Electra • The Iceman Cometh

  3. Eugene O’Neill was awarded • A Nobel prize • A Pulitzer Prize for Drama • Four Pulitzer Prizes for Drama

  4. The Hairy Ape was written in • 1920 • 1921 • 1932 • 1938 • 1950

  5. The Hairy Ape is subtitled as • A Tragedy of Ancient and Modern Life in Eight Scenes • A Comedy of Ancient and Modern Life in Eight Scenes • A Version of Ancient and Modern Life in Eight Scenes • A Depiction of Ancient and Modern Life in Eight Scenes

  6. What is incongruous about the title? • The play is a romance • The play is a history play • The play is a farce • The play is theater of the absurd • The scenes are not funny

  7. The first four scenes take place • Aboard an ocean liner • In New York City • In the I.W.W. meeting room near the waterfront in New York City • At the zoo in New York City • In a prison on Blackwell’s Island

  8. The forecastle of the ocean liner resembles • A dungeon • Hell • A cage

  9. The men who work in the firemen’s forecastle resemble Neanderthal men because • They must stoop because of the low ceiling • They are hairy chested • They have long arms of tremendous power • All of these • None of these

  10. Neanderthal means one who lived during the • Neolithic Age • Paleolithic Age • Ice Age • Stone Age • Bronze Age

  11. Several nationalities are present in the crew. Which nationality is not mentioned? • French • Dutch • Irish • Chinese • American

  12. Which crew member blames the rest of society for the deplorable conditions of the crew? • Paddy • Long • Jack • Second Engineer • None of these

  13. What is the response of the crew to his diatribe against the capitalist class? • They cheered for him • They just shrugged with disinterest • They hooted at his whining • All of these • None of these

  14. What is Yank’s response to the crewman’s claim that the capitalist class “dragged us down to be wage slaves in the bottom of a bloody ship, sweatin’, burnin’ up, eatin’ coal dust? • You’re right. They dragged us down • You got no noive • You’re yellow

  15. Who says “We wasn’t born this rotten way. All men is born free and ekal!”? • Yank • Paddy • Dutchy • Long • A voice in the crowd

  16. What reasons does Paddy relate to explain that the old days on the sea are better than present days on the ocean liner? • Men could work on the clean deck under a warm sun • Men were paid more then • Men worked fewer hours for better pay • All of these • None of these

  17. How does Paddy describe the present conditions on board ship? • Black smoke smudges the deck • There is no sight of sun or a breath of clean air • They are caged in by steel from a sight of the sun like bloody apes • All of these • None of these

  18. What is Yank’s response to Paddy’s descriptions of working conditions in the stokehole? • You don’t belong no more • You’re bugs that’s all. Nutty as a cuckoo • It takes a man to work in hell • All of these • None of these

  19. What action does Paddy decide to take? • He will jump ship at the next port • He will go on a hunger strike for better conditions • He won’t report for the next watch • All of these • None of these

  20. Scene Two takes place when the ship is • The first day out • Two days out • Two weeks out • Three weeks out • A month out

  21. Where does Scene Two begin? • In the watch tower • In the Captain’s cabin • On the promenade deck • In the dining room • In Yank’s sleeping quarters

  22. Characters in Scene Two are • The ship’s captain and the second lieutenant • Paddy and Long • Long and Yank • Mildred Douglas and her aunt • All of these

  23. Mildred Douglas is described as • Breathtakingly beautiful • Vivacious • Pale, slender, nervous

  24. Mildred’s demeanor is described as • Disdainful superiority • Loving • Respectful • All • None of these

  25. Mildred’s aunt is described as • Regal, queenly • Elderly but attractive • Jovial, friendly • Pompous, proud, fat • None of these

  26. Mildred will visit Whitechapel for what reason? • To attend a friend’s wedding • To plan her wedding • To attend a friend’s funeral • To do social work • To seek employment

  27. The relationship between Mildred and her aunt is described as • Cordial • Supportive • Friendly • Respectful • Filled with hate

  28. Mildred tells her aunt that her aunt is • A good companion • A good friend • A cold pork pudding • An old hag

  29. What request does Mildred make of the captain and the chief engineer? • To stter the ship • To take an excursion to Whitechapel • To sit at the captain’s table for dinner • To visit the stokehole • None of these

  30. How does Mildred’s aunt describe Mildred’s penchant for social work? • Morbid thrills • A pose • Slumming international • All of these • None of these

  31. Why does Mildred say that she wants to “see how the other half lives” • She would like to help them • She would like to be sincere • She would like to be of some help in the world • All of these • None of these

  32. Mildred compares her social position to being • On top of the hill • One of power and authority • In a cage • All of these • None of these

  33. Mildred’s grandfather made millions by • Building ocean liner lines • Developing industries • Making steel • Building cities • Discovering gold

  34. Mildred rationalizes that she has no energy or integrity of her own because • It was burnt out of her stock before she was born • She has inherited only the wealth and not the energy to make wealth • She rejects her family tradition

  35. How does she get the ship’s captain and chief engineer to let her go to the stokehole to watch the workers? • She pays the Captain a large sum • She tells the Captain she is training to become a navigator on her father’s cruise line • She tells the Captain that she has a permission letter from her father, who is president of the cruise line

  36. Mildred admits to her aunt that • She has no letter of permission from her father • She is afraid to go into the stokehole • She paid the captain money totake her to the stokehole • All of these • None of these

  37. The Second Engineer who comes to escort her to the stokehole offers his jacket because • There is a chilling wind on deck • She will ruin her white dress in the stokehole • He thinks it would not be appropriate for the men to see her in such a flimsy dress • All of these • None of these

  38. She tells the Second Engineer she will wear the dress because • It is her favorite • It is expendable; she has 50 more like it • What she chooses to wear is not his business • It keeps her warm • None of these

  39. How does Mildred describe the Second Engineer to her aunt? • He is a lacky for the powerful officers • He is an officious oaf • He is a handsome, virile oaf • All of these • None of these

  40. How does Mildred tease her aunt? • She says the second engineer is cute. • She says there are dark alley-ways on the way to the stokehole. • She says he will be a good boyfriend • All of these • None of these

  41. Mildred says that her millions sprang from what source? • The ingenuity of her grandfather • The hard work of her father • Luck • The gutter • None of these

  42. Before she leaves with the young man to go down into the stokehole, what does she do? • She put son the second engineer’s jacket • She put on another dress that is even whiter and more beautiful • She slaps her aunt • She call her aunt an old hag

  43. As she leaves with the young engineer, her aunt calls her • A harlot • A hussy • A shameful woman • A disgrace to the family • A poser

  44. In response to her aunt, Mildred calls her • An old fool • The real disgrace to the family • An old hag • All of these none of these

  45. Mildred’s aunt tells Mildred that she has no doubt that Mildred will drag the family name into the gutter. What is the family name? • Bessemer • Carnegie • Rockefeller • Douglas • Wright

  46. When the curtain rises in Scene 3 • The men are asleep in their bunks • The men are singing Irish songs • The men are shoveling coal into the furnace • The men are taking a break

  47. Which of the men complains that his back is broke? • Yank • Paddy • Long • Dutchy • None of these

  48. Which of the men exhorts the other men to “git into the game” and “come on now, all of youse. Trow it in her belly”? • Yank • Paddy • Long • Dutchy • None of these

  49. When the men hear a thin, shrill whistle, they know • It is time to quit for the night • The engineer wants more speed which means more coal must be shoveled into the furnaces • They have achieve optimum speed • All of these • None of these

  50. The men rally behind Yank when he angrily yells what to the engineer? • Who do you think is running this game? • He ain’t got no noive • It ain’t for him and his whistle. They don’t belong • All of these • None of these