u s bankruptcy court western district of wisconsin c m ecf n.
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court Western District of Wisconsin C M/ECF PowerPoint Presentation
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court Western District of Wisconsin C M/ECF

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Western District of Wisconsin C M/ECF

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U.S. Bankruptcy Court Western District of Wisconsin C M/ECF

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  1. U.S. Bankruptcy CourtWestern District of Wisconsin CM/ECF Version 2 Highlights October 2003

  2. The following explains the major changes or enhancements that are part of CM/ECF’s Version 2. • Note: Some features may become effective AFTER Version 2 has been implemented.

  3. Internet Payment of Fees • Pay fees via Internet with credit card • Payment in full required • Will be implemented AFTER Version 2

  4. Leave receipt field blank when paying via Internet as follows:

  5. Payment window appears after receiving the Notice of Electronic Filing:

  6. Select “Continue Filing” to continue. Pop up window will appear for filing until paid. • “Pay Now” will prompt for credit card information & final screen will verify payment is made with transaction number. • NOTE: UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, CONTINUE TO ENTER “CC” IN THE RECEIPT FIELD.

  7. Linking/Referencing Existing Documents Certain events will automatically produce a list of potential documents rather than having to select an appropriate category – e.g., when filing Notices of Objection to Claim, the system will display all Objections to Claim on file as follows:

  8. Example:

  9. Certain events make linking mandatory. e.g., when filing an “Objection” you will be required to select applicable category(ies) before proceeding.

  10. Linking to some events will be optional: If you do not wish to link to a previous-filed document, select “Next.”

  11. Certain events/documents will automatically produce a list of appropriate documents to which the current document applies. • For example, when filing a Notice of Objection to Claim, the system will display all the Objections to Claims currently on file as follows:

  12. Example:

  13. Related Docket Text • Related (linked) document text will be automatically added • No more copying/pasting name of previously-filed document !

  14. Example: When filing a brief/memorandum that is linked to a previously-filed Motion for Relief from Stay & Abandonment, the system adds in the related document text:

  15. COMBINED FILING EVENTS • Combined Filing Events will allow for one filing event for most motions (applications)/notices of motions/proof of service. • Please remember to always submit Proposed Orders as separate filings/documents.

  16. EXAMPLE If you are filing a notice of motion and proof of service along with a motion/application, be sure to enter a date in the “Last Day to File Objections/Request for Hearing” field:

  17. “Notice/Proof of Service” and last date to object text will automatically be added as follows:

  18. The Motion should always be the first document listed in the PDF document for your Motion, Notice, and Proof of Service OR file the Motion first and attach the Notice and Proof of Service as attachments. Note: Each PDF document should be 50 pages or less for more efficient uploading or downloading.

  19. If a Motion is being filed WITHOUT a Notice of Motion and Proof of Service, remove the date that appears in the “Last Day to File Objections/Request for Hearing” as follows:

  20. The docket text will then appear without the added “Notice/Proof of Service” language as follows:

  21. Terminated Parties on Party Filer Pick List Terminated parties will now appear on the party filer pick list as follows:

  22. Automatic Assignment of Judge/Trustee/341 Meeting Version 2 will now assign the judge, trustee, and the 341 meeting date/time for all chapters!!

  23. Remember: Opening a bankruptcy case is a 3-step process: 1) Open bankruptcy case 2) Upload creditor matrix (.txt) 3) Judge/Trustee Assign

  24. NOTE: Cases without creditor uploads will error and prevent automatic assignment of ALL cases filed as follows: