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Best Ivf Doctor In Delhi, Iui Treatment, Ivf Cost In India

Best Ivf Doctor In Delhi - Find online best ivf doctor in delhi ncr and catch information about ivf treatment and ivf procedure and many more. Visit southend ivf for more details.

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Best Ivf Doctor In Delhi, Iui Treatment, Ivf Cost In India

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  1. Welcome to Southend Fertility & IVF Southend Fertility and IVF offers a comprehensive Infertility Management Programme under one roof to couples who find problems in having a child. This centre was started in 2001 and has performed consistently well since then.We boast of complete transparency in treatment, compassionate staff, lively environment and promising results. Patients who come back to us after failed cyclesare a reflection of confidence and satisfaction in our mode of treatment.

  2. Welcome to Southend Fertility & IVF Having problems in conceiving ? Consult one of our specialists to get all the possible support. Schedule your appointment today. Our philosophy is to analyze patient problems and offer the most appropriate therapy – 30 – 40% of the patients therefore do not undergo IVF in our centre. This is contrary to popular belief that patients are always made to undergo IVF in a facility such as ours.

  3. Welcome to Southend Fertility & IVF Sperm and Embryo FreezingA successful embryo cryopreservation program plays an important role in maximizing the cumulative pregnancy rate from a single oocyte retrieval. It was in 1983, that first human pregnancy resulted from frozen and thawed embryo. Significant advances have since been made in techniques of oocyte and embryo freezing. There are basically two methods to cryopreserve oocytes and embryos; slow rate freezing and vitrification. In slow rate freezing extracellular ice formation drives cellular dehydration through an equilibrium process. Vitrification is a non-equilibrium approach where very high concentrations of cryoprotectant is used that solidify without forming ice crystals.

  4. Welcome to Southend Fertility & IVF Ovum/Embryo Donation Egg donors are chosen by the doctor based on their physical and temperamental resemblance to the recipient woman. This is done since most of the examinations are expensive and the doctor must first confirm that a match is possible before investing in the process. The donor is then required to undergo a thorough medical examination, including a pelvic exam, blood draw to check hormone levels and to test for infectious diseases, Rh factor, blood type, and drugs and an ultrasound to examine her ovaries, uterus and other pelvic organs. A family history of approximately the past three generations is also required. Genetic testing may also be done on donors to ensure that they do not carry mutations (e.g., cystic fibrosis) that could harm the resulting children.

  5. Welcome to Southend Fertility & IVF

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