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Vitamins and Supplements For Thinning Hair PowerPoint Presentation
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Vitamins and Supplements For Thinning Hair

Vitamins and Supplements For Thinning Hair

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Vitamins and Supplements For Thinning Hair

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  1. Vitamins For Hair Growth

  2. What are the Best Vitamins for Hair Growth? • Biotin is well-proven to be one of the finest vitamins for hair growth. Biotin is also included in shampoos for healthy hair. Biotin quantity in the body is greatly reduced by eating raw eggs. Biotinidase is one of the enzymes that regulate the quantity of Biotin in the body. But, there is an important thing to be aware of regarding Biotin. • The Vitamin B complex skimp on Biotin and thus, more intake of this vitamin will surely contribute to hair fall significantly. In order to check on the Biotin’s levels in the body, one can ask his doctor to run a Biotin Test on him and he may also advise him on what nutrients to include in their diet. Folic acid is also a very important vitamin for hair growth.

  3. What’s the reason behind Hair loss? • Here are some of the conditions that may lead to a situation of hair loss in humans: Overworking The Hair –How one treats his hair greatly impacts its health. If one makes a ponytail or exposes hair to chemicals, dyes or perms them or wears hair extensions, exposes to severe heat can all lead to significant hair loss. Medical Condition of an Individual –People suffering from thyroid problems, undergoing chemotherapy or other surgery, pregnant, consuming steroids or affected by depression can lose hair fast and significantly. Deficiency of Vitamins –If a person is deficient in essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, it would lead to a hair loss situation.

  4. Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Hair Iron –If a man is deficient in this nutrient, his haemoglobin would decline. The decreased levels of haemoglobin would stop the allocation of nutrients to the body. Deficiency of Iron would also cause weaker strands and very dry hair   and eventually it will result in hair loss. Zinc –Zinc is necessary for the normal working of the human body. The deficiency of Zinc will lead to thinning of hair and hard to control. Vitamin A –The lack of this vitamin for hair growth will lead to dry hair and scalp and ultimately hair loss.

  5. Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Hair • Vitamin C –The Vitamin C is essential for ridding the toxins from the body that will strengthen the roots of hair and improve the blood flow. The deficiency of Vitamin A will lead to thinning and breaking of hair. • Vitamin E –Vitamin E helps in cleansing the body and strengthening the hair follicles. It produces natural oils that prevent drying of the scalp. • Biotin –Biotin, also known as B7 helps in cell growth and renewal. It increases the rate of hair growth and makes them thicker and shinier. Biotin is regarded as one of the best vitamins for the growth of hair.

  6. Review of Top 5 Recommended Hair Growth Vitamins • ViviscalHair Nourish –The Viviscal hair nourish pills have been found containing Aminomar and Biotin. These vitamins have been proved to be beneficial for hair growth. Viviscal Hair Nourish has been considered as one of the top selling vitamin for hair growth. • Hair Maxx –Many people after consuming this vitamin have experienced improvements in the texture, volume, length and the general appearance of their hair. Hair Maxx is known for containing adequate amounts of Vitamin A, C, D, E, B6, B12, Biotin, Iodine, Thiamin, Niacin and Pantothenic Acid.Some of the pros and cons of hair Maxx are as follow: Pros –More than 70 per cent of people that consumed Hair Maxx mentioned that their hair texture, length and thickness improved. Some reported that it reversed their hair loss, hair shedding and other damages to hair. Cons –The price of this vitamin is relatively higher considering the results would come after four months at least.

  7. Review of Top 5 Recommended Hair Growth Vitamins 3. MegaFood–This vitamin for hair growth includes vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin, Zinc and Folate. The MegaFood is easy to digest and contain the natural ingredients that beautifies the hair and nails. The MegaFood is not very expensive and comes in sizes of 60, 90 and 180 per bottle. Its pros and cons are as below: Pros –The intake of this can lead to thicker, shinier and more beautiful hair. It not only improves the rate of hair growth but also makes the nails longer. Cons –This vitamin for hair growth can only be purchased inside the US and some people find it expensive for its effects. 4. NatrolBiotin –Natrol Biotin is a vitamin supplement made by Natrol. It has approx. 10,000 mcg of Biotin which is a sufficient daily requirement. Biotin contains vitamin B7 or H that acts as a coenzyme that converts food into energy. It is very beneficial for the hair and nails growth in the body. It makes the hair grow longer and thicker. The Biotin can improve the hair quality of those who have harshly treated their hair or who have undergone situations such as surgery, pregnancy, menopause and other hormone-related illness. Pros –It is a very efficient vitamin for hair growth. It is not very expensive and also is easy on the stomach. Cons –It can cause acne and headaches.

  8. The pros and cons of the vitamin are as follow: • Pros –It thickens the hair, improves its quality and makes it shine. It reverses the effects of hair loss and increases its rate of growth. Biosil rejuvenates the nails and hair and makes them stronger. Biosil also makes the skin glow and keeps it in good health. • Cons -Biosil strengthens the hair follicles and thus makes waxing more painful. Some users argue that Biosil does not work at all.

  9. How to Choose the Best Vitamins for Hair Growth • Doctor Consultation is must –Although, vitamins for hair growth are known to work on almost everybody but still it is advisable to seek a doctor before starting to consume them. The doctor would prescribe only those vitamins for hair growth that are really required after examining their blood tests. • Importance of a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle –Consuming a lot of fast food is obviously bad for health and for the hair as well. The canned and frozen foods that lack adequate amounts of vitamins must also be avoided. Vitamins for hair growth are basically found only in fresh foods. • Product Comparison –The websites that sell only one type of vitamins for hair growth usually are not that reliable and users are advised not to buy from them. Users should buy from sources that have more options of vitamins for hair growth and have comparisons and reviews for each type. • Product reviews must be read –The users that have actually consumed the product should tell about its effects, side-effects, price and dosage. Users must read them carefully and then decide which are best for the consumption. Usually, the product with a higher rating is considered better. • Ask Around –Users should be curious about other people who have healthy and shiny hair and can even ask them about it. They should know about that vitamin for hair growth and then talk to their doctor before they start to take them.

  10. Vitamins For Hair Growth Hair Growth and Hair Care Program includes hair growth vitamins and a complete range of products that promote thicker, fuller looking hair. Click here:-