gain an additional 4000 return in tax or receive n.
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Gain an additional $4000 return in TAX or receive a FREE IPAD PowerPoint Presentation
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Gain an additional $4000 return in TAX or receive a FREE IPAD

Gain an additional $4000 return in TAX or receive a FREE IPAD

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Gain an additional $4000 return in TAX or receive a FREE IPAD

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  1. Gain an additional $4000 return in TAX or receive a FREE IPAD With EOF Year upon us, what sort of emotion does this spark in you? Feeling that slight jitter in the stomach. Touch of anxiety. Restlessness. Do you put it off to the last minute, then spend a few days cramming to get it done? No one likes Tax. We then head in, speak to an Accountant , push out the forms and we are done. Hopefully we get a return of a few dollars. Great Job! Unfortunately, this the process 90% of us follow. Would you believe that even Accountants are guilty for same crime? We get heavily inundated with work during this window of time and forget about ourselves. In all honesty this habit is costing every business owner on average - $28,416 a year! At Success Accounting Group we are famous for our Tax Savings Blueprint. Take the IPAD Tax Challenge: Click Here This is the proactive process where I personally invite an interested Business Owner for a Strategy Session to explore every possible option available to legally reduce your tax. If you do not have a strong investment/ tax reduction system in place - we create one! The SHOCKING TRUTH is that most Accountants do not provide proactive advice and unless challenged will rarely go outside the square to assist you with your Tax. How much much does this knowledge gap cost you? Let me go through just a few methods which i discuss with my clients - to make MASSIVE Savings to their Tax contributions: * Distributing your profits to a discretionary trust to other people who pay tax at a lower rate than you such as retired parents, kids / siblings at university or a spouse. * Funnelling profits to superannuation or an SMSF. * Reallocating profits throught to a bucket company. * Disposing of bad debt prior to 30 June. * Using your Super to pay for Protection Insurance Take the IPAD Tax Challenge: Click Here

  2. Here is a Case Study: Let me give you the example of one of my recent clients - Sam. Sam has a standard business that is currently turning over $1.3 million and receiving approx $300,000 Profit. His current tax structure is as a company and he was paying 27.5% tax on his profit share ($300,000) which equals: $82,500.00 After his consultation with me, i assisted him to create a Discretionary trust and distribute his profits to members of his family which were currently not employed. This consisted of his two children, wife and mother and father whom were not working and did not receive any benefits. Each of them could receive a dividend of $18,200 without paying any tax on this return. The calculations was as follows: 5 x $18,200 (distributed) = $91,000. (no tax) Therefore he was only taxed on Remaining $209,000 which equalled. $ 57,475.00 This gave him an overall saving of $25,025.00 a year or an extra $2085.00 in the pocket every month! After his 1 hour consultation, we immediately created the configuration for him to enjoy the benefits in the following financial year. Just last year alone, the Team at Success Accounting saved over $800,000 for their clients! With regards to Business Owners, the average saving was $28,416 a year!! How much did you save in Tax last year? Let me share how Serious I am about this! If you are a Business Owner, Book a Strategy Session today to receive your Tax Savings Blueprint. Take the IPAD TAX Challenge! (OFFER VALID TILL JUNE 30) If you come in to see me for a consultation, and I can’t provide you a solution to save you more than $4000 on top of your current return.... I will give you a BRAND NEW IPAD for your time and of course your consultation is free! OR If you are currently a happy client of mine: Refer a Business Owner or a Wealth client who is accepted to join Success and you also receive a BRAND NEW IPAD for your support and trust.