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Internet Marketing Tool - The Best Spinner

Learn how to use The Best Spinner to assist you in article writing for your internet marketing needs.

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Internet Marketing Tool - The Best Spinner

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  1. The World's Best Article Rewriting ToolThe Best Spinner Presented by: Warren Paine url:http://www.bingmarketing.net

  2. The World's Best Article Rewriting Tool • The major problem face by most internet marketers or bloggers is writing SEO article content. After all, it is not an easy task to create innovative writing every time. So the article rewrites tool or spinner tool is created to fulfil the needs. If we ask for professional writers to write unique and original articles in English, it going to cost us for at least $5 for 500 words per article. The costs can run very high if you need a lot of articles to feed your sites and this can slow down your site building process. Therefore, the most cost-effective solution is to use the article rewrite tools to rewrite the articles and turn them into unique original content.

  3. The World's Best Article Rewriting Tool • In fact, I am like everyone else been searching on the internet quite some time for a lot of rewrite tools such as Easyrewriter, WordFlood, Power Article Rewriter and some online rewrite sites. However, most of these tools and sites did not update their thesaurus frequently and the content generated from them is really a mess, none is readable. It is not until the born of The Best Spinner, only I found this is one of the best internet marketing tools that able to help rewrite articles in bulk between a short time.

  4. What is the Major Different of The Best Spinner with Others? • The Best Spinner is a revolutionary tool which you can quickly generate hundreds of articles from your original article! After using The Best Spinner for a while, I found it has a lot of innovative features, these features do not appear in other rewrite tools. Of course, The best feature of The Best Spinner best is its built-in dictionary, the thesaurus is added by tens of thousands of users when they use the tool. Which mean there are tens of thousands of users help to update and maintain The Best Spinner's thesaurus without having the owner to insert himself. As more and more people are using The Best Spinner, the thesaurus is getting more and more lexicon added everyday and keep it in the best condition. There are no other similar tools can compete with it.

  5. Features of The Best Spinner • The Best Spinner featured with rewrite rules such as synonyms, phrases replacement and, etc., Which mean using The Best Spinner to rewrite an article will maintain its readability and can basically keep the original meaning of the article expression.

  6. Operability: • The tool is relatively easy to use, and after I watch the following video tutorial I'm able to use the tool right away. The operation is very simple. After you make your purchase to, you can just go to the site to download the software and install on your system. You need to enter the account number and Password (ID and password before you buy immediately sent to the mailbox), once success login you can start using it. There are two types of rewrite favorite for you to choose: replace my favorite or replace everyone's favorite. I usually choose to use the replace everyone's favorite option since it is simple and quick.

  7. The Best Spinner Video

  8. How to use The Best Spinner to rewrite the article manually • Copy the contents that we want to rewrite to the article box of The Best Spinner, and then select the synonyms in the lower right corner of the software. There are three options available, which are Good, Best, and ALL. GOOD means that the common and fewer common synonyms, Best is the most common synonyms, ALL is all synonyms that the software can be found in it thesaurus. You just select according to your needs, and then click the "Identify Synonyms" button. Wait a few seconds, you can see the replaceable words are having underlined with them. Then press the keyboard "Tab" key will display a selection box lets you choose synonyms. Of course, you can also use the mouse to move the replacement base on your own preferences. After all synonyms been replaced, then click on the "Spun Article" icon at the top of The Best Spinner(article generation). Finally, a unique article is generated right in front of you. The advantage for rewrite manually is it can guarantee 100% readable. And the disadvantage is you have to spend some time to carry out the rewrite work.

  9. Example of Rewrite Manually

  10. How to use The Best Spinner to rewrite the article automatically • To auto rewrite the article, you have to do the same by copy the contents that we want to rewrite to the article box of The Best Spinner. But this time you should click on Replace Everyone's Favorites Toolbar(by everyone's favorite rewritten) as below:

  11. Example of Rewrite Automatically

  12. 4 Rewrite Modes • There are 4 rewrite modes from Good to Best that you can choose. The more rewrite of the content the more unique the article will be, but I find the readability level is changing as well. The higher percentage the article is rewritten, the less readable the article will be. If you have to consider your visitors reading experience, you should choose "Best" option. Also remember by not replace the keyword that you want to optimize. You can do so by entered in the Protected Terms option to keep the keyword unchanged. After you have protect your optimized keywords, then click "Replace" and all synonyms will be replaced at once. Finally click on "Spun Aricle" to get your fresh article. The advantage of using the automatic function of The Best Spinner is it work very fast, and you can save a lot of time, but the disadvantage is the readability rate is lower compare to rewrite manually.

  13. My Thought • The owner of The Best Spinner keeps upgrading the software version regularly. You can expect more and more useful features are going to add on the software. The software contains of the Copyscape copyright checking features which would be very useful to check for duplicated content, which is pretty cool.

  14. Conclusion • If you wonder whether The Best Spinner has a cracked version? Then the answer is No. You will observe that size of The Best Spinner is less than 1MB after installation. This is because the database is stored on the server, so the upgrade is directly on the server dictionary, and you will connect to the thesaurus database after login to the server. So you are not likely to find a crack version of the software on the internet. I personally like to support good software by buying the original copy. As long as you put good effort to use the tool, you can earn your money back very quickly. We need the tools to save time and no doubt The Best Spinner is by far the best rewrite internet marketing tools that I can find. • You may watch the video tutorial before buying this software so that you can have a better understanding.

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