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Top 10 Public Library In Delhi

A library is a collection of books, and possibly other materials and media, that is accessible for use by its members and members of allied institutions.<br><br>https://localdelhiguide.com/public-library-delhi/

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Top 10 Public Library In Delhi

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  1. Top 10 Public Library In Delhi f you are searching for the Public Library in Delhi, I appreciate your dedication to gaining the knowledge. There is no age and limit to gaining knowledge and the presence of the public libraries in Delhi is also another blessing for all those knowledge seekers. In this era of technology, you prefer to go stalking for your information without the help of technology. You want to spend a few hours in the quiet of a library in Delhi whether it is for you want to study or you want to escape into the lives of your favorite characters or it can be you want to be in a place where you are surrounded by books. Now, just because finding library lovers like you is too hard in this technical age, finding the best library for you shouldn’t be. Because we are here to help you, no matter how rare your interest is, that’s what we do. The Capital of India ( Delhi ) is home to many libraries which are of spectacular advantage to one and all so let’s scroll through the list of the Top 10 Public Library in Delhi and select the one which favors your interest the most. 1. Delhi Public Library The Delhi Public Library has been launched under the Ministry of Culture and is governed by the Delhi Library Board. It is a fully financed library in Delhi by the Indian Government. The Delhi Public Library has some branches around the city, including a Braille library, making the joy of reading affordable to most of the population. One of their larger branches is in Sarojini Nagar, with two big rooms for reference books, one for books that you can borrow, and even a detached area for kids. 2. The American Library

  2. This library is a utopia for every book lover. You can also get membership in this utopia which comprises borrowing six books, two back issues of a magazine, and two DVDs. To get access to this membership, you need to be 16+ and have photo identification. They also have free wifi, so make sure you don’t end up scrolling via your Instagram feed instead of reading the previous books. Head to this place to experience one of the best libraries in Delhi. 3. Sahitya Akademi Library Sahitya Akademi Library has one of the largest collections of books on different subjects which include English literature, literary criticism, translation studies, and much more. It is also known as the National Academy of Letters. This institution is known for encouraging literature from India. A real gold mine for people who are looking for works in Hindi and other regional languages. This is the best library in Delhi for self study. With dedicated factions on Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, and Sri Aurobindo, this place is one for the history enthusiasts out there. 4. British Council Library India With all the advanced facilities, the British Council Library is one of the best reading spaces to go to if you’ve got an addiction to reading. You’ll find magazines for almost all genres and varieties, so choose your favorites and get reading. This library is not for the general public, you must be a member of this library to access the book and additional facilities of the library. Not just books but you can have a subscription to the journals and newspapers which might not be available in India. 5. Dyal Singh Public Library Dyal Singh Public Library is one of the most reputable libraries in Delhi. Easily approachable via most of the Delhi metro stations, Dyal Singh Public Library is home to as many as 40,000 books of both the National and the

  3. International repute which are available in Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu as well as the English Language. The books available at Dyal Singh Public Library in Delhi are connected to areas like History, International Relations, Literature, Management, Social Sciences, and much more. You can also find about 100 magazines that are based on various subjects as well as 32 daily National newspapers at the Dyal Singh Public Library in Delhi. The library also has audio and video tools for those who need them. This public library in Delhi is a favorite place of many bookworms roaming in search of something fresh always in New Delhi, India. 6. The Japan Foundation Library Are you a Naruto or manga lover? If yes, then you will fall in love with this Public Library in Delhi. This library has all the details and analysis books about Japan. You’ll start beating yourself up for not understanding this place earlier. They have a large group of Manga. we know what you’re feeling, You can’t do a Naruto rerun on their projector for sure. But then their anime merch would be better than makeup for it. 7. The Central Secretariat Library Every bookworm should visit this library as it has one of the largest collections of books and magazines. To be honest, It is said that we can presume Shashi Tharoor spent a lot of time here when he was young. If books are not sufficient for you then this is just the right area for you as this library is not just prohibited books but also includes encyclopedias and dictionaries. This is possibly the best public library in Delhi for quiz enthusiasts and spelling bees. 8. Central Library IITD Another associate of this list is the ‘Central Library Delhi’. It puffs a collection of research papers, international journals, and occasional books written on science. Although it’s free to operate for IIT’s students and faculty members, you’ll need to record as a corporate member to gain access to this library.

  4. The Library System of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) consists of the Central Library as well as 18 additional departmental libraries which yield in providing support in the fields of teaching, research as well as extension programs. Under its open-ended proposition, Central Library IITD spreads its asset, guidance, and library assistance to not only its core members but to other educational institutes as well. 9. Parliament Library The Parliament Library is like glory for anyone fond of exploring things that are of great interest to him/her. Founded back in 1921, this public library in Delhi used to help the members of the Indian Legislature. If you hope to access the Parliament Library in Delhi, you will have to pursue permission for the same. You can opt for the application papers which are available on the official website. Also, you will have to obtain security support from the Parliament Security Service if you wish to access the Parliament Library in Delhi. 10. Venus Library Venus Library is another reading room in Delhi that acts as a second home to students who look for calm yet effective places which let them study to their best ability. No matter if you are training for some competitive exam, a university entrance, or are casually hovering in a library in Delhi to grab some spontaneous books which develop your in-depth interest, Venus Library in Delhi is the place for you. You can opt for the broad range of books available here and can also get your books if you hope to work and learn by yourself. Thankyou.

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