most popular shapes of diamonds for engagement n.
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Most Popular Shapes of Diamonds for Engagement Ring PowerPoint Presentation
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Most Popular Shapes of Diamonds for Engagement Ring

Most Popular Shapes of Diamonds for Engagement Ring

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Most Popular Shapes of Diamonds for Engagement Ring

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  1. Most Popular Shapes of Diamonds for Engagement Ring Marriage is the most beautiful relation between two individuals bonded together by love, trust, compatibility and mutual respect. The epitome of this pious relation is the engagement ring, which is an absolute memory of a couple’s togetherness. It holds great significance in both males and females life. Nowadays, people prefer diamonds while buying engagement ring. Thus, let’s have a look at some of the very popular shapes of diamonds, when it comes to buying a perfect engagement ring. ROUND-SHAPED DIAMONDS Round-shaped diamond is the most in-demand shape of diamond for engagement ring. Nearly 75% of diamonds sold all over the world are round-shaped diamonds. PEAR-SHAPED DIAMONDS Accurately cut pear-shaped diamond is one of the most sought-after shapes amongst to-be-engaged couples. But unfortunately, pear-shaped diamonds are available only with selected brands. Entice by KGK, an international brand with its expertise exceeding a century has an exquisite Jewelry showroom in Delhi that offers a remarkable range of trendy engagement rings at pocket-friendly price. PRINCESS-CUT DIAMONDS Also referred to as fancy-cut diamonds, princess-cut diamonds are square in shape and were first designed in 1980. Its unique cut gives it an ability to shine and sparkle in the most extraordinary way.

  2. MARQUISE DIAMONDS These football-shaped, modified round diamonds are elongated in shape and are people’s favorite, when it comes to searching a perfect engagement ring. Entice by KGK (visualized by a talented team of international designers) with its Jewelry showroom in Jaipur is a perfect destination to buy marquise shaped diamond ring that not only makes your hand look stunning but also saves you a lot of money through its affordable range of prices. CUSHION-CUT DIAMONDS These are again square-shaped diamonds with rounded corners, giving them the softer touch than the fancy-cut or the princess-cut diamonds. The origin of these diamonds dates back to nearly 200 years ago, which are widely preferred by modern women due to their classic elegance. EMERALD-CUT DIAMONDS The brilliance of emerald-cut diamonds is unmatchable. Also, its contemporary touch makes it a preferred choice amongst women, looking for an up-to-the-minute engagement ring. Now that you are well acquainted with the popular shapes of diamond engagement rings; pull up your socks, put on your shoes, and start your hunt for your dream wedding ring now!