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SRS Travels-Online Bus Ticket Booking PowerPoint Presentation
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SRS Travels-Online Bus Ticket Booking

SRS Travels-Online Bus Ticket Booking

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SRS Travels-Online Bus Ticket Booking

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  1. SRS Travels Terms & Conditions

  2. SRS Travels • SRS Travels is not responsible for your luggage/baggage belongings inside the bus. • Bus ticket is valid till the particular journey to which it is issued. • Tickets are not transferrable. • The management has rights to load off the passengers travelling with incorrect tickets. • Disturbing the co-passengers, drunken passengers can be load off without refund.

  3. SRS Travels • SRS Travels has the rights to cancel the vehicle, postpone or delay without giving assigning any reason and change the seating arrangements in case of emergency. • Passengers are requested to arrive 15 minutes before. The vehicle will not wait for the late passengers. • Contraband and explosive articles are not allowed while travelling.

  4. SRS Travels • Smoking and Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. • There is no refund on pre/postponed ticket and open ticket. • For Ticket Cancellation or any other changes the customer has to reach the nearest office with ticket and telephone request will not be entertained. • The coaches of the passengers are covered by insurance. In case of any accidents, injuries and loss of life and any other damages. Such contingencies are covered by insurance

  5. SRS Travels • Changes to date and time to your booking can be made if you notify us at least a day before of the travelling. • Pets and Animals are not allowed in the journey. • Seats will be assigned only after the successful completion of the payment. • The cancellation refund is provided by the cash coupon with an year of validity. Within the validity you can use the coupon.

  6. SRS Travels • Children above the age of 5 ticket is compulsory. If ticket is not booked they are not allowed to travel. • If booked coach gets cancel/changes. Different Coach will be given. • Pre/Post/open ticket are not allowed in connecting services. • Within four hours from the main station departure there is no pre/post/open tickets.

  7. SRS Travels • You can use debit or credit card for booking the ticket • Ticket cancellation money will be refunded within 5 to 6 working days and you will get a confirmation message via Mail or SMS to your cell phone.