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Billboard Advertising Getting Visibility to the Brand? PowerPoint Presentation
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Billboard Advertising Getting Visibility to the Brand?

Billboard Advertising Getting Visibility to the Brand?

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Billboard Advertising Getting Visibility to the Brand?

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  1. Billboard Advertising TBI-Media Set To Create Catchy and Cost-Effective Billboards with 3D Extensions

  2. 3D Billboards emerge as a new form of 2-dimensional billboards. TBI-Media brings new methods of cost-effective and attractive 3D billboards to gain more attention which leaves a lasting impression. Tareq Abuissa, chief executive officer of TBI Media states that creating an outstanding 3D billboard has become more manageable and economical than previous ones. The greatest strength of 3D billboards is that creative thinkers and designers add powerful visual impact and memorability to the billboards advertising. Now, they are designed at low cost and in less time. Entrepreneurs also have welcomed these new trends to make more effective their advertising campaign.

  3. Billboard Advertising in Dubai

  4. Commuters who pass by many times on the same route, they are repetitively exposed to the ad. It influences their purchasing decision. TBI Media continue to track and adopt new innovations to make billboard campaigns more impactful. 3D billboards have high frequency and because their pleasing nature they are mostly placed in the big cities in spite of highways.

  5. To add more visual impact, professionals use other attractive methods like LED panels to enrich the look and concept of the outdoor ad campaigns. Environmentalists have concerns over the use of 3D billboards as they lead cutting of trees. However, TBI-Media has a lease of prominent billboard location of Dubai that are official allocated for placing billboards which are not created by cutting down the trees.

  6. VISIT TBI MEDIA TODAY CONTACT US: 37th Floor, Shatha Tower, Dubai Media City - 50999 Telephone: +971 44565362 Fax: +971 44565521 Email: Website: