chain slings something you need but do not know n.
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Chain slings – something you need but do not know yet PowerPoint Presentation
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Chain slings – something you need but do not know yet

Chain slings – something you need but do not know yet

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Chain slings – something you need but do not know yet

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  1. Chain Slings – Something You Need But Do Not Know Yet Title of this article may sound hilarious at first but trust us, at the end of it, you are going to be on board with us. First, let us introduce ourselves – We are TTC Lifting. Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling lifting and storing equipment. In fact, we have been in this business for more than 45 years. Decades of experience has taught us what do our customers need and we have been trying to meet their needs successfully. The major thing we discovered is that even thought our business is not manufacturing something everybody wants we definitely make what everyone needs. There is not a single manufacturer that can carry on production process without lifting equipment. Working with wide range of industries made us realize that there is one particular product perfect for each kind of production – Chain Slings. Because of that we stocked our website with wide selection of this product. You can choose single, two, three and for leg options according to your needs. Combination of cheapness and high quality makes our chain chain slings slings the best item on market. What is more important, TTC Lifting’s chain slings are made of such material, which makes it possible to operate in harsh conditions. Extremally high of low temperatures is not a problem if you trust TTC Lifting’s equipment. Enough with all the talk. Let us get to the business. We are going to tell you about how and when you can use chain slings.  Make Make sure loading your chain sling, look for bent or damaged links and components. If you find any uncertainty after careful examination remove it from service. sure you you got got it it right right – Safety comes first! Before you even think of  Know Know the take its capacity into the consideration. Determine weight, center of gravity, lifting angle and then select proper size and type of the sling. Make sure you do not overload it, because exceeding work load limit can end cause unfortunate consequences. the capacity capacity – Before putting anything on chain slings make sure to

  2. Chain Chain safety shortened with knots or bolts. safety – Before lifting, check once more. Chain should not be twisted or  Lift! Lift! But you can start lifting. You must be careful not to go too fast and shock load. Lift and lower your loads smoothly and your load alongside with equipment will be safe. This step also protects lifter from damaging hands. But do do not not get get carried carried away away – Once you go through all the safety checks  Store Store properly properly – After using chain slings make sure to store them properly. By properly I mean ensuring that they equipment is safe from corrosion and twisting. Preferably use A-frame for storing slings. TTC Lifting is waiting for you! Contact us and get your chain slings today. Do not hesitate to ask questions. We will be more than happy to provide you with the detailed information about our products and services. Source :- Click Click Here Here