design your condo with coolest technologies today n.
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Design Your Condo With Coolest Technologies PowerPoint Presentation
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Design Your Condo With Coolest Technologies

Design Your Condo With Coolest Technologies

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Design Your Condo With Coolest Technologies

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  1. Design Your Condo With Coolest Technologies Today's generation has become smart in section of technology, ​ whether it a mobile phone, TV, watches or any other appliance all gained a tag of smart ahead of their name. Then why not a Smart house? A smart condo can make your work a lot easier than a normal one, the added features and technology reduce your efforts in conducting a task. A ​Tapestry Condo ​​with the latest amenities is a boon to the residents. And these technologies are a compliment to the elegant design of your condo. Not only the condo unit but even the common amenities of the society can take benefit from them. For example, the gym can be equipped with certain smart devices to monitor the health of the person. The clubhouse door can be smartly locked with sensor and security cameras with the sensor can help to protect the society funds. Here are some top-notch techs used to define your simple home a smart home: 1. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

  2. The new technology evolved in vacuum cleaners will allow it to switch between Mop and vacuum depending on the surface of the floor. Also, it can be controlled with the help of your smartphone over its specific application. 2. Smart Security Cameras Security is what your condo will need the most. Then why sacrifice it with a normal lock when you can make it smart. Smart security cameras are designed to protect your house from strangers as it notifies you when a person comes too close to your house. 3. Light Control With the control over all the appliances by way of a smartphone, it is easy to switch on/off the lights of your house and works as a remote control. Also, there are various lighting effects that change on its own or on demand according to your mood. 4. Smart Bathroom Fill your bathtub or heat up the water by using just a voice command sitting in your bedroom or living room, this way you could save a lot of time. A sensor fixed in the bathroom will alert you when the tub is filled or the water is warm enough. 5. Air Conditioner controlled over Smartphone Moisture and heat can be intolerable when you come back home from the outside sunny weather. And your air conditioner can consume some time to reduce the temperature. The solution to this can be a smart AC that can be operated from any place over a smart device. 6. Garage Door Sensor A sensor that connects your mobile phone and garage door to be operated remotely. You can even supervise any unauthorized access on the door from your smart device. 7. Smart Voice Assistant The tapestry​​​​comes with houses enabled with smart voice assistant that allows you to operate many appliances starting from the light, curtain draping to switching on/off the TV. Condos at Tapestry have been built in as a smart home with some pre-installed smart features which already makes our work easy. This includes door sensor, smart home gateway, lighting sensor, digital lockset and a smart voice assistant. Over and above which these amazing smart devices will add to the existing comfort.