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www Roku Com Link Toll Free Call at 1(877)-649-6892

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www Roku Com Link Toll Free Call at 1(877)-649-6892

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  1. Can you use Roku with Antenna? >>>>Check Here<<<< https://www.technicalbulls.com/roku-link-activation/

  2. Introduction The process of setting up antenna TV input on a Roku device is in fact quite easy when you know all the steps. Roku devices are incorporated with an ATSC tuner, which opens up the doors for the device to broadcast channels that comes in the category of ‘over-the-air’ broadcast TV.

  3. Connecting an HDTV Antenna Connecting an HDTV antenna may seem like an arduous process, but it’s not. If you know the right steps, then it will take a few minutes or so to complete the process. The first thing that you have to do is connect your HDTV antenna into the right input of the Roku device.

  4. Set up input Connect HDTV antenna to the ‘cable in/Ant’ connector by making use of a coaxial cable. This port will be there on the backside of your Roku player. Once you have connected the cable, turn on Roku player and then, go to ‘Home’. After reaching ‘Home’, you will see an option named ‘antenna TV’. If you are not able to see that option, then go to ‘settings’ > ‘TV inputs’ > ‘antenna TV’ > ‘set up input’. Finally, you need to get on with the instructions that you see on the TV screen in order to complete the process.

  5. Can I check as to which programs are being broadcasted in my area after hooking up HDTV antenna? Yes, you can check it by using an option named ‘smart guide’. You can easily find out all ‘over-the-air’ TV shows and movies, which are being broadcasted in your area along with those shows and movies that will be broadcasted in the upcoming days.

  6. What’s the process of Connecting Roku to a cable TV source? If you have a subscription of a cable TV, then you might be able to receive analog and digital TV stations that are broadcasted content in the close proximity. You just need to have to connect the cable TV source to ‘ant/cable In’ connector given at the back of the Roku device.

  7. Connect Roku to a Cable TV Connect coaxial cable from the cable source into the ‘ant/cable In’ connector that is given at the back of the Roku device. After you make that connection, you need to turn on your Roku device and then, go to ‘Home’ screen. After that, you need to select ‘antenna TV’. If you can’t find Antenna TV, then you will have to manually add it by selecting ‘settings’ > ‘TV inputs’ > ‘antenna TV’ and ‘Setup input’. Then, follow the instructions that you see on the TV to complete the setup.

  8. With that, the process of antenna input setup has been completed. It was a simple process, wasn’t it? But, if you come across any issue, then you have the option of getting in touch with experts who are familiar with this process. Just need to visit here: Roku Help www Roku Com Support www Roku Com Link Roku Link Enter Code

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