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Protection From Online Threats

This presentation provide information about the online threats protection. If you need any guidance regarding anti-virus call us via 1 844 414 9900

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Protection From Online Threats

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  1. Protection from online threats http://www.techpal365.com/

  2. Abstract Steps to Protect Your Computer from Threats • Install Firewall • Install Antivirus Software • Install Anti-Spyware Software • Use Complex and Secure Passwords • Check on the Security Settings of the Browser Customer Support http://www.techpal365.com/

  3. Steps to Protect Your Computer from Threats Install Firewall: • Firewall installation provides security to your system. The firewall creates the barrier to your system and unauthorized application which trying to come in through network. • If you are using the system at your home, turn on the firewall forever that prevents you from the unauthorized activity. http://www.techpal365.com/

  4. Install Antivirus Software • Antivirus software prevents the system from any unauthorized code or software which makes threats to your system. • Unauthorized software like the virus, keyloggers, Trojan which is slow down the speed of your system, access your personal data and may delete your important files or folder. • You must update the antivirus software to protect your system. This software automatically detects the threats and block them. http://www.techpal365.com/

  5. Install Anti-Spyware Software • Spyware will collect the user and organization information without authorized person approval. The Anti-spyware software provides real-time protection. Once the threats are detected during the scanning it blocks the threats. http://www.techpal365.com/

  6. Use Secure Passwords • The Password should contain atleast 8 characters that should have lowercase letter uppercase letter, numbers and special character. • Don’t use the same password for everything. http://www.techpal365.com/

  7. Check on the Security Settings of the Browser • You should review your browser security and privacy settings. • Now a days browser provides the ability to tell the websites to not track my activities by this browser increase the privacy and security. http://www.techpal365.com/

  8. Need Customer Support? If you need guidance for the anti-virus related issues contact our Customer Support Team. Toll-Free: +1 844 414 9900 Website: http://www.techpal365.com/

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