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BIM Engineering Services in US | Permit Expediter | Tejjy Inc.

Tejjy Inc. provides comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services, Engineering, Architectural, Permit Expedition and Construction Management Services in a streamlined process to clients. Tejjy Inc. is the one stop solution for all your needs, starting from new construction to renovation.<br>

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BIM Engineering Services in US | Permit Expediter | Tejjy Inc.

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  1. Renovating or Modernizing Home? Don’t Forget the Expeditors! Check out Seven Building Permits where Expeditors Can Help…

  2. Addition Alteration Repair Permit • An addition involves changes to the outside of building, such as adding floor area. • A remodel, also called alteration involves making changes to the building interior, like moving non-structural walls. • Ensure your intended project conforms to zoning by- law through permit expedition

  3. Antenna Permit • Required for construction, reconstruction, relocation or maintenance activities related to antennas and wireless communication • Ensures work is performed in a safe manner and as per approved plans • Work involves attachments of antenna or other wireless communication equipment on an existing utility pole, a new constructed pole, or street light

  4. Awning Permit • Awnings on buildings, including private homes, or higher than first floor require a development permit and a building permit • If a property is on the Heritage Register, a heritage alteration permit is required

  5. Certificate of Occupancy Permit • Certain requirements need to follow while purchasing a property - Such requirement may be to obtain a certificate of occupancy • The purpose is to confirm that the property is fit for human occupancy • Basics of the certificate of occupancy that every property investor must understand include: • What Is a Certificate of Occupancy? • Who Needs a Certificate of Occupancy? • Where Do You Get a Certificate of Occupancy? • How Do You Obtain the Certificate? • What If You Do Not Pass Inspection? • What Happens if You Don't Get One?

  6. Civil Plans • Civil plan sets are required for new construction or modifications. The plan drawings are specific to the exterior of a lotand are examined during a public works review. • Civil plans include the following information: • Grading • Landscaping • Water Retention • Drainage • Utilities • Erosion Control

  7. DemolitionPermit • The removal of 2/3 or more structural framing members, coupled with modification of exterior envelope, is classified as complete demolition and must comply with the requirements. • All applications for complete demolition include the following: • Public Information • Contractor Work Plan • Demolition Schedule • Zoning Permits • Permit for discontinuance of water service and sealing of sewer lateral

  8. ElectricalPermit • Required by City to assure electrical installations & repairs performed by licensed personnel, and installations are in compliance with City &State Codes • Apply for an Electrical Permit with: • Tax Clearance Form from Revenue Department for Contractor • A current, valid Certificate of Insurance for Contractor Seek permit expeditor for electrical permit approval

  9. DCRAPermit Expedition Project AddressTejjyInc.Renovation & Addition

  10. Presented By… Get in Touch… 202-465-4830 info@tejjy.com 1201 Seven Locks Road, Suite 360 Rockville, MD 20854

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